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Snuffy Posts: 1492
Who can explain to me in proper mathematical/statistical language what a score of 7 out of 10 on the standardised tests mean? Is it a simple as saying they are in the 70th percentile?
msc7182 Posts: 172
Yup!!! Got it one!!! It means they scored anything from 70-78%- good news is that a score of 7 would mean theyre in the higher end of the class!
Snuffy Posts: 1492
Cool thanks! See 70th percentile I get! It tells me something! Now I know I'm a Maths nerd and thats why I understand that terminology better. Saying they got 7/10 doesn't really tell you that much. I know he's doing well but it was just bugging me! So thanks for clearing it up for me!!!
Cassiopeia Posts: 222
Sten scores dont exactly coincide with percentile scores. But a Sten of 7 is an above average result. 8-10 well above average 7 above average 5-6 average 4 low average 1-3 well below average About a third of children have Sten scores in the average bracket. Remember as well that those standardised tests aren't intelligence tests! If you need more info see, there's info for parents there or talk to your Childs teacher. HTH.
Snuffy Posts: 1492
Yeah I know it's not the same as an intelligence test. It's just something that's I realised I didn't really understand what it meant and wanted to. Thanks for the website, clears it up well! I see how it doesn't quite correlate to percentiles but it makes more sense now than just knowing the score! Yes I know I'm just being an*l about it :-8