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weddingdiva Posts: 1349
Hi I have visitors coming over from america in a few weeks time and am trying to put together a weeks worth of activities for them, they are really into fun quirky experiences so I'm trying to think outside the box, and steer clear of the very obvious tourist attractions. Has anyone any suggestions (anything you've come across by chance that you think is worth a mention) Or could anybody map out a weeks worth of things to do. I know its a bit random but sometimes people come up with things that other people wouldn't think of. Any help would be greatly appreciated :thnk :thnk :thnk
morningsun Posts: 784
Where are you based? Or are they willing to travel around? Something like these could be cool but they are down the country Glamping in Teapot Lane. Website is down but they are on Facebook. Email is [email protected] Lough Key Forest Park has ziplining and the boda Berg experience (Crystal Maze type thing). Boating down the Shannon - Carrick Craft, Emerald Star, Tara Cruises all rent out boats Marble Arch caves in Fermanagh It's late and I'm tired so its all I can think of at the moment
wollysocks Posts: 1773
A bit more info might be useful... Are you staying in Dublin for the week? or travelling round? or what area will you be in?- Who are in the group? older people? disabilities? children? Transport - have you hired cars? or public transport? It really depends on these factors among others- and it might help people narrow down ideas for you... For Dublin- there are a couple of good walking history tours...interesting...
MrsGilhooley Posts: 1235
a bit random, take them to see Windmill Lane then have lunch in Grand Canal Square
morningsun Posts: 784
sugarandspice Posts: 2378
Little museum of Dublin (Stephens green) is great for a half hour recent history of Dublin
sugarandspice Posts: 2378
Oh, and segwaying in Phoenix park - need to book this in advance
Annajoly123 Posts: 601
Bring them surfing in Kilkee, Co.Clare, Afternoon tea in a fancy hotel. Visit the G hotel in Galway. Go to the Aran Islands for a few nights and rent a cottage... Cookery demo or class at Ballymaloe. Visit Kildare Village outlet Enroll them in Irish Lessons! I know ye are not a hen party but this could be fun as a group and something completely different! ... idea!.aspx Hope those suggestions helped. :compress
Happy Hayley Posts: 66
If you're anywhere near Cork I would recommend kissing the Blarney Stoney. I know it's a tourist attraction but the whole experience is quirky and unlike most other touristy things.
Drummerswife Posts: 3497
Causey farm in Meath used to do Irish tours dunno if they still do it - you learnt to bake bread, Irish dance play bodhran etc. touristy but a bit different too. All my American relatives love being Irish. Lots of great suggestions mentioned already too.