Any recommendations for Brandon New Ross or Talbot Wex ?

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sinocon Posts: 15
Hi - I am in a bit of a dilema - we are trying to book a venue for our wedding reception. We hope to have approx 300/320 wedding guests. We have viewed a few hotels and are stuck between 2 - (have provisionally booked both!!) Would like the Brandon New Ross as its has a lovely setting, homely atmosphere and is very private which I like and is away from the town. However, I am unsure how it will take a larger wedding and if its spacious enough. I dont want any guests to feel cramped either at drinks receprion or meal. Max number that can be seated is 320 - I want to know if anyone has been at a larger wedding in the Brandon House and if they can recommend it :-8 Our other option is the Talbot Hotel Wexford - which will have no problem holding our number but as its located in heart of Wexford town is not as private as I like for the drinks reception as people are always coming in and out plus not much opp outside for photos. Can anyone give me some feedback on either hotel please and thanks! O-O Do we sacrifice setting & atmosphere for additional space?? ALL ADVICE APPRECIATED!!! O-O
WeddingBelle2011 Posts: 503
I know both hotels really well. I do agree with the Brandon Hotel in New Ross is a beautiful hotel, but the bar in the hotel is not huge, so it could be quite tight holding 320 people for a drinks reception. As for the Talbot Hotel I find it is a beautiful hotel, I personally don't like the reception room, i find it has no character it is just one big square room with no proper windows, just frosted windows out onto the street. Plus when I went to see the Talbot I was so aware of other things going on in the hotel as it is a very busy hotel. Did u check out the Riverside in Enniscorthy, we were blown away by their function room and it is a stunning hotel, again it is not in the middle of the town so is away from things, but has a beautiful setting by the river. But to be honest whatever u choose, i am sure the hotel will do whatever they can to make it perfect.
sinocon Posts: 15
Thanks Wedding Belle.... I appreciate your feedback O-O The Riverside was my first choice but they were completely booked out for 2010!!! I think I might try to reduce our numbers and go with Brandon House - hopefully we will have a fine/dry day so people can move around outside so that they wont all be stuck in the bar. Thanks again...
sinocon Posts: 15
Does anybody else have any opioons??
shersmay10 Posts: 319
Hi I was at my cousins wedding in the talbot hotel yesterday and it was fab, the drinks reception was in the main reception area which to be honest was fine, there wasn't to many people in and out but the bar itself was busy with people. i thought the room was fab, there was candlebras on all the table which looked so good with the gold tablecloths etc, the food was fab and our room was lovely