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Smileykaz Posts: 7296
...snoring? Not for me, for H2B. This is terrible, I hate complaining about him because he's usually fantastic, but am just exhausted now and need to do something about this. We only moved in together in June and before that, when on holidays or staying over or whatever, I never really noticed it, though he would have the odd snore now and again. But so did I, just very lightly for a short period of time, so it never bothered either of us. But these last two weeks have been different, I honestly feel like crying and it's so stupid but I'm just dropping with tiredness, he's been snoring loudly all night for at least two weeks and I'm only getting about two hours sleep a night if that. It's really taking it's toll now, two hours just isn't enough, my head is buzzing and I'm making stupid mistakes at work. I'm normally a good sleeper, once the room is dark and it's quiet enough then I'm grand, I'd rarely have a sleepless night and have never suffered from insomnia. We're living in the country now, in a quiet housing estate but I'm from the city and would have slept through paper-thin walls, loud neighbours and stolen cars screeching before so you'd think I'd be able to handle this but it's different when it's right in your ear. Can anybody help? What are those snoring strips like? The ones you stick on your nose like at night, do they work? Are there any drops or anything that can help? I've tried pushing H2B over onto his side and sometimes that works but he always rolls back and he's so out of it he doesn't realise. He's always sorry the next morning and does his best to start off sleeping on his side! Please! Before I stab him to death in a bloody frenzy! Thanks! just in case the cops are looking at this, I wouldn't really stab him and if by chance he's already dead, it wasn't me!
missymoomooo Posts: 639
close his nose as he breaths? boot him up the arse so he falls out of bed? tell him to stop breathing? kick him every time he snores? noseplugs? :o0 :o0 :o0 sorry i shouldn't be laughing, go to the chemist and ask them, they have loads of remedy's i've seen.
discounter Posts: 441
The Breathe Easy strips worked for my H2B - give them a try!
Jawl Posts: 8881
How much are the breathe easy strips?
littlechick Posts: 758
Have you got a spare room, maybe you could go in there a night of two to get a good sleep. I know it wont solve the problem but you will be more rested and able to think straight. If this is really effecting your life and it sounds like it is, get your OH to go to the chemist and ask them and if nothing works there get him to the GP. Not getting a good sleep for weeks at a time would drive anyone mad. My OH does snore the odd time but not too bad. If he gains any little bit of weight this seems to make it worse. Also if he is really really tired it might be worse. Hope you get sorted :wv
Time For A Change Posts: 6885
My hubby actually gave me really bad earaches with his snoring!!! But thankfully it seems to have stopped since losing a load of weight. I had to resort to kicks, elbow digs and shoves but in the end I found that the spongey ear plugs were brilliant. My sister swears by them too. I didn't find those nose strips any good at all. Best of luck and hope you get more than 2hrs sleep tonight. :zzzz: