Any second-time round mums-to-be?

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Bun in Oven Posts: 241
How are you all feeling about everything this time round? There are very different things to think about, aren't there, like: - how will baby#1 take to new babs, please God - trying to cope with MS with another child - worrying about lifting up baby#1, is it harming babs#2 Peronally I am not thinking as much about the birth this time (could be because it is ages away!), I am thinking more about how I will manage afterwards with 2 under 2's. When both are crying, how to manage that, etc. etc. Anyway, just wanted to say hello and best of luck to you all. x :wv
jenny s Posts: 151
Oh I hear ya!!!!! Im on my third but come April Il have two under 2 years like yourself. I sometimes sit and wonder how that hell will I manage it all once DH goes back to work, and other days I just think everything will fall into place naturally. I have visions of DS1 being dragged out to school last minute, DS2 still not dressed or fed and new baby screaming for boobie :o0 Im actually making a point of showing our youngest babies at every opportunity, be it on telly or in on the street and he has zero interest in them! I dont know, sure how can we prepare a toddler for a new baby? Is it even possible? Our eldest is well clued into whats ahead again and is excited but still he knows babies cry and need lots of attention - at least I can explain to him I cant get him a sandwich just this minute cos Im in the middle of feeding the baby, he will have to wait his turn! Cant see the other little fella being so patient and understanding! Maybe we should keep eachother poster on the journey to maternal bliss and harmony in the home and family life!
popplewell Posts: 110
Hi. I am a second timer too. My DD is almost a decade so everything is completely new to me again. Was quite young when I had her and remember very little of my pregnancy, birth etc. Had no symptoms, ms, pains, aches etc etc. Am totally the opposite this time (maybe cos I am older :o( ) This was my first time actually TTC, so things couldn't be any more different than last time. The one thing I do know is that DD has been baby mad for the last 5 or 6 years, so will be over the moon at the prospect of finally being a big sister.... Can't wait to tell her.
Delish Posts: 4176
Second time mummy too and will have 13 1/2months between the two. Finding the tiredness hard to deal with this time round as you can't not get up to 1st baby in the middle of the night. God first time mothers (me when I was a 1st time mum included) don't know how lucky they are!! I'm not too worried about jealousy, just dreading the general mayham next year, but who knows maybe they will entertain each other and it wont be so bad. At the moment I'm thinking 2 might be enough for me. How do mums survive pregnancy when they have 3 or 4 other smallies? My god they deserve medals.
Belinda Posts: 142
Hi everyone I too am a second time mum 2 be. Ds will be 2 in january so will be interesting with the terrible 2 tantrums and dealing with a new baby. I found it really hard for the first 13 weeks trying to look after ds with all day morning sickness. Thankfully that has all passed now and feeling okay in the 2nd trimester. Not worrying about the birth this time around and will probably be a little bit more relaxed about everything in general than I was with ds. I put so much pressure on myself to do everything the 'right way' with ds but will hopefully trust my own instincts alot more this time around. Have managed to get ds sleeping in a big boys bed in the last couple of months so won't have to worry about freeing up the cot for baby. Apart from that it will be interesting to see how ds is with his new brother or sister.... he doesn't really understand what is going on at the moment.
soon2bmomof3&4 Posts: 400
Hi all, another second time mum! I too worry about how DD will be around a new baby, I saw her for the first time last week around a 4mth old and she was like a mammy, gently rubbing him and kissing him, so i pray she will be like that with her own brother/sister, please god! The MS was draining for the first 3 & half months, but now have some energy back so DD gets a lot of playing out of me! I really dont know how our mothers did it with 3 and 4, and they didnt have half the great things for babies that we have now like the vibrating bouncy chair (omg what a life saver!) or jumparoos! i agree with delish they should be given medals
theoracle Posts: 7664
DD1 was 2y8m when DD2 was born, we prepared her for a long time telling her she is getting a baby brother or sister, but when she arrived she was a bit put out the first month or so, espcially jelaeous of breastfeeding times. She used to misbehave terribly during that time. But it was just an adjustment phase and she was fine after and very gentle and helpful around babs, always involve them, let them bring nappies and hand you things etc. If please God all goes well on this PG, DD1 will be 4 and DD2 will be 1y4m so it will be interesing to say the least.
Moet for me Posts: 1841
Hi all, I am a second time Mammy to be as well. DD will be 3.5 when this bundle arrive hopefully in the next 8 to 10 weeks. I am concerned about her alright and how she will react especially if is a boy because she is mad for a little girl, how innocent is she? speaking as someone with a sister. I am worried about her feeling left out but I am probably wrong considering she is absolutely ruined by 2 sets of grandparents and that is likely to end anytime soon, the bigger problem is more likely to be how will I get the grandparents to pay attention to the new one. I am a little worried about the birth as I am hoping to have a normal delivery this time around after my previous c section so thing may all be different. I am getting really excited about it all now seems so immenent.
Sphynx Posts: 6795
There are loads of us on a thread in Mums and Kids so please join in! I find I hardly have any time to think about baby no. 2 (wondering if it's a boy or girl, what they will be like etc.) as I'm so taken up with DS. Nausea and exhaustion much worse. At the moment the only problem is the smelly nappies :o( But I do worry about being able to carry him up and down the stairs later on - so will have to teach him how to do that holding my hand before I get really big! Trying not to think about the birth as I had a v. short labor and section last time and so I'm still feckin terrified of a natural birth!
pattie Posts: 2379
I'm hoping for a VBAC so that's definitely on my mind. I'm 99% decided on going public this time and wondering if not having my own consultant will make a VBAC less likely. Moet/Sphynx, are ye going public or private? I'm also worried about DD's reaction, and also, who will mind her when I'm having #2? We have no family near. I can't imagine how I'll cope with 2, DD was a bit high needs when she was younger so if #2 turns out the same it'll be tough going. I'm pretty excited all the same though and I can't wait to tell everyone :o)ll .