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Dee71 Posts: 412
Hey all, Anyone out there got married in Springfort Hall Mallow or intend to get married there soon. we are 24 Nov this year! :o)ll Dee :wv
tras Posts: 1460
Well, my sis did and it was great, gorgeous place!
garran9 Posts: 4401
My brother got married there and it was so lovely. The function room is really quaint (it was a few years ago mind) and I found the staff lovely. Good Luck!!! :wv
Mama2 Posts: 1230
I'm getting married there on the 8th of Feb next year. Some friends were at a wedding there this weekend and I'm getting nothing but good reviews!
mair Posts: 145
Im getting married there on the 9th of Nov. and have had great feeback about the place :o)ll
Mama2 Posts: 1230
I was just speaking to some people that were at that wedding over the weekend and apparently there's a chalet in the grounds that the bride and groom used as the wedding suite instead of the one upstairs. Did any of you hear anything about this?
jumparound Posts: 181
gettin married there in sept. :lvs ive never heard a bad review about the place and am sooo looking forward to it! never heard about the chalet on the grounds tho.... 2 friends have been married there and never said a word about it. id be interested to know tho if there is such a chalet....
Dee71 Posts: 412
At least we are all getting good reviews Girls!!!!!. :o)ll I must find out about the chalet. I wuld be very interested in that. As our days come up I will be very interested to hear how we all get on. before I started this thread, I had heard nothing but good about the hotel and that was even before I booked them. Booked our car in Ballyhooley tonight - all piecing togehter now bit by bit!!. If I find out about the chalet will let you know. Talk soon Dee :wv
gaby Posts: 455
[b:2kgzuqw6]Hi. Im getting married there in 6weeks. It was picked for us as our first choice cancelled while we were abroad for 6weeks and we had stuff booked for 26th so my MIL rang around and they had a cancellation so we took it.Like you all we have heard nothing but good things about it.Ill be down there in the next week or two to finalise things and ill ask about this chalet! :wv [/b:2kgzuqw6]
MrsJones Posts: 174
I am getting married there in September :o)ll It is a really fab location and I have ate there a few times and it has always been really lovely We are hoping to get our pics taken in Donneraile Park just a few miles from the hotel it is a really lovely place - weather permitting of course :wv