Any tips for a sore throat

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Santa Posts: 1191
u know that way its sore and theres a horrible taste in ur mouth - anybody any tips please?? :o(
Curly Bob Posts: 32
If you gargle salt water it will really help clear up the infection.
Santa Posts: 1191
I'll try that thanks :thnk
Delish Posts: 4176
Gargle mouthwash, it really works, it's antibacterial - gargle 3/4 times an hour for a few hours and you'll be as right as rain - works every time :wv
loveheart Posts: 686
eat lots of fresh pineapple - its a natural antibiotic and always works on my sore throats when I am feeling run down.. .
dreamer Posts: 3941
Hiya Try mouthwash - there's one called Corsodyl and its excellent for sore throats aswell as sore gums etc.