Any tips on Hols in Lanzarote ?

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May 08 Wife Posts: 1642
Going to Lanzarote on hols in 4 weeks cant wait but have never been before and just wondering for anyone who has been any tips or advice os places to eat/drink/sights to see etc? Also any tips of things/places to avoid welcome Staying in the Agazul Apartments in Purto Del Carmen by the way.
Double Trouble Posts: 915
alias_grace Posts: 89
Hey May Bride My advice is rent a car - there are loads of things to see on the island and it's much easier go around yourself rather than on a tour bus! Def go see the Volcano - it's very impressive. As is Cezar Manrique's own house - it's a museum/gallery now but has 4/5 Volcanic caves which are part of the house. Loved Lanazarote, it's a really great place! Have a ball
Isis Posts: 484
We went on hols to Lanzarote after Christmas. We were also in Puerto del Carmen. Our apartments were in the new town but we went to dinner most nites in the old town as we found the restuarants and food there was nicer. The old town is much quieter. The new town is were youll find all the lively bars and disco's etc. Id really recommend an Italian restuarant called La Dolce Vita. The food is good and its brilliant value. Its in the old town In the new town Id recommend La Canada restuarant. Quite expensive but well worth it.
twinbambinos Posts: 3492
we were in lanzaroate last year and it was one of the best most relaxing holidays I ever had, the place is soooo nice the weather is fab what more could you ask for, if you are doing any of the tours do the submarine one it was deadly and go to the drag show can't remember the name but you will see it on all the trip places it was one of the best nights out :o0 there are so many restaurants to pick from so take yer time and pick a nice one..any of the tex mex places we went to were fab! We are thinking of going back this year thats how much we like it have a ball :wv
Juno Posts: 2202
I second Le Canada and La Dolce Vita, and lots of the Lani's restaurants are great too (there are about 12 of them, all different, on the strip). We drank and danced in Charlies too. I was also told to check out El Tomate and Le Bodegas in the Old Town, but we never got around to it. In the New Town you got to check out Le Cafe Ola, near the Casino. Its stunning and tasty. Check out the area downstairs at the back, we had a drink lying on a 4 poster double bed out there, and you can get massages! You'll have a great time, we're just back a week and it was roasting! Mrs. Ted xx
peeps Posts: 65
We didn't have a bad meal once when we were in Lanzarote. The food was great everywhere. Lani's have lots of restaurants which include indian, tex mex, seafood and they're all good. Tropical is good for dancing the night away. There's so much choice. You'll have a great time.
bingowings Posts: 1388
Rent a car (as alias said) - you'll tour the enitre island in one day. The french restaurant (Monmarte?) beside Craic & Ceol bar in the Old town is fantastic. There are 2 italian restaurants next to it (El Tomate and something else, can't remember) that used to be great but the food is now terrible, there so avoid them - they got all thick with me when I pointed out that I didn't order the main course they gave me, and tried to convince me to eat it anyway!?!?