Any unusual pregnancy cravings??

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mrs sarah c Posts: 522
I have gone from weetabix to rhubarb sadly now it is danish pastries and scones...all my good work undone!! :lol:
woonoo Posts: 78
Cravigns have gone from fish, to apples, to Rancheros (?), to Fruit Gums. We are currently loving pasta, cheese, eggs and yogurt. And Coke, eek. Aversions: All red meat (and I love my meat!!), toothpaste (white ones, gels are OK), vegetables (especially peas) ketchup and scones (?) Bonkers, this pg lark :D
Kellie Posts: 75
Cravings: Jellies, Skips, Pasta, any kind of potatoes .. Aversions: Cucumber (can't bear the smell of it), salmon (the smell again)
grumpy Posts: 1280
[quote:3j305nem]Aversions: All red meat (and I love my meat!!), toothpaste (white ones, gels are OK), vegetables (especially peas) ketchup and scones (?)[/quote:3j305nem] I'm having the red meat, veg and ketchup aversions too! Had to leave my folks house recently when my brother made fried eggs and put the red stuff on them (hmm, there doesn't seem to be an emoticon for "blughh"). Have had cravings for jelly and iced caramels (yummy!) and thats about it.
jellybaby Posts: 2316
Cravings: Any sort of sugary / sour jellies, Walkers Cheese & Onion crisps, biscuits, Milk (can't get enough!!) Aversions: Fish (never want to even see a piece of fish again), beans (??), chocolate :roll: So most of the things I crave are bad for me, and things I can't stand are good for me :?
lamb nose Posts: 679
Cravings: Pasta and Mcdonnells Noodles. Aversions: Cheese and stew. :oops:
Mrs Neadi* Posts: 1128
before I had the m/c I was craving Milk like nobody's business - I only ever drink milk if my mouth is on fire from a super hot curry!!! I was drinking pints of it, mad. And I had to have a jumbo sausage roll smothered in ketchup, every morning for 10 days. I don't even like sausage rolls. I'm dying to see now what I'l crave if I get pregnant again!!
strawberry shortcake Posts: 9094
my mate craved ham on digestive biscuits
irish bride Posts: 558
cravings: chocolate, popcorn, potatoes, grapes, pineapple aversions: bread (was a craving until recently!), all vegetables, cheese & onion crisps (the smell is killing me!) and most fish! mind you this seems to change every 4 weeks or so, so who knows what will be next! At one stage there all I ate were plain bread rolls because this child was loving bread!
Sticks'nStones Posts: 401
When I was pregnant I craved Colgate Blue Minty Gel - I literally ate tubes of it. He has great teeth!! MPA