Any way to ease backpain?

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aisleen Posts: 286
Hi Girls, I'm just about 20 weeks pregnant and have had the most dreadful lower back pain for the past week. I had expected it later on in the pregnancy, just not this early. :o( Has anyone else suffered from backache so early on? Is there anything that can ease it? Appreciate your help. Aisleen
Happy Mammie Posts: 1507
I suffered back pain as well i used a beanie bag i put it in the microwave and i found it great. Anything with heat might help. Good luck. Hope you feel better soon. :thnk
lovebug997 Posts: 4034
I also suffer from it! I asked the doctor about deep heat which I would normally use and he said it's fine to use it but try to limit it to 3 times a week! There's no problem using their heat patches though! Even try a hotwater bottle! Anything to get some heat into it! And get your OH to massage it for you!
sandym Posts: 774
I had this all through my pregnancy as I had symphis pubis wasnt too bad at the start and what i found EXCELLENT!! was the cloth back brace..not the big frumpy ones but the one that goes directly onto your skin like a big take all the pressusre of your bump away and holds it nicely and really eases the pressure from your your only 20 weeks it might not be much helop but as pregnancy progresses i would mention it at your clinic and they will give you one for free. i got that one and the belted one (was supposed to wear belted one but really not comfie) for free and wore the stocking one up until the morning of delivery and it was a great'd notice the pain again as soon as it was taken off..enquire anyway..if you dont ask you dont get is my motto :o0
honeybee Posts: 624
Ante-natal Massage especially if you can find one that provides a pregnancy pillow that allows you lie on your tummy(pretty much you are supported on all sides and your tummy falls into a space). I'm in Canada so i cant recommend anywhere at home. Its really safe and the relief is brilliant.
aisleen Posts: 286
Thanks girls, these are great tips. I have a beanie bag so i'll give that a go definitely. I've never heard of a cloth back brace but i'll enquire next time I meet the midwife. Hadn't heard of those special massage tables either. has anyone come across them in Dublin? thanks again. A