Any1 changed from VHI to Aviva.

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Clumsy28 Posts: 407
Any1 changed from VHI to Aviva. Do you have to do the waiting period’s esp. concerning maternity cover. And what difference have noticed in cover Thanks Also posted in Off Topic and TTC
jarashow Posts: 3083
Yep, we changed. There is no issue with cover as you will have had previous cover and continuity of cover. But still give them a call to check. Not sure I noticed much difference apart from paying for a home help after the baby and costs for parking etc when you are in hospital. Not sure if VHI do this now or not. We moved as work changed us.
msobrien2b Posts: 20
I did the opposite and moved from Aviva to VHI Family plan plus. Loads more benefits and costs less. You can claim for GP visits which I could not do on my Aviva plan.
tags Posts: 544
I did and now have recently changed to Quinn as DH's work cover half the cost. As long as there is no gap in the cover between insurer, you're ok. BUT, if you opt for a better plan with the new insurer, you won't have continuity of cover for the additional benefits until after the waiting period. This happened to a friend of mine who moved during pregnancy and opted for a better plan with the new insurer as it was only a little bit more than she was paying for an inferior plan with the old insurer. She opted for a private maternity hospital then and wasn't covered for as much as she thought she was as some of the better things were not covered on her old health plan.