any1 got or getting dress made??

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ugly betty Posts: 153
just wondering has any1 gone this route? cant find a dress i love. advice please on this please tanx
fantac Posts: 4109
yup - bought bottom half and bought a pattern for an oscar de la renta top half which my aunt made - i adore it!
leeby Posts: 313
Getting mines made inDubai Vera Wang but alot nicer if I do say so myself.. Very excited although it would be nice to see the final dress to try on v excited...
Valkstar Posts: 2747
Me me me :o)ll :o)ll :o0 I went to the dressmaker on Friday and she's got the best ideas! I brought her pics of dresses I know, the back of this one, the top of that one etc. She has loads of samples to try on too. She showed me all the materials, and went through the styles that would and wouldn't suit me. She then did up a gorgeous sketch of the dress and gave me two prices....a minimum and a maximum depending on how much detail I wanted and which material I pick. She's absolutely fantastic. A friend of mine got her dress made a couple of years ago and it was unique and so beautiful! The dressmaker I went to is Paula Cullen, phone: 01-4558233, and she's in Crumlin :wv
allo Posts: 6
I was the same as yourself - I just couldn't see what I wanted. So bit the bullet and getting it made. I have to admit - I'm a little bit nervous as to how it will turn out. I just hope that the designer has in his head what I have in my head :eek
lowdenclear Posts: 112
My mum is making mine... I have NO idea what I want, but she's been dressmaking on the side for... well... EVER! :o0 I know I'm in good hands. *)
ugly betty Posts: 153
tanx for the replys i like different parts of different dresses so maybe i could go to some1 and see what we could come up with. thanks for the number in crumlin but im in munster, shes sounds great. hope it works out. going to 1 more shop so if i dont see anything im going to look into getting one made. its a nice touch getting your mum to make the dress. best of luck to ye all getting them made enjoy the long weekend, hope it drys up!!
venice07 Posts: 564
hi i am based in cork and my best friend got her dress made by ernest perryman a very good wedding dress designer and it was fab she told him her ideas and her budget she did not have alot to spend on the dress and he still made her dream dress as she imagined it hope this helps i can get his number if you want it good luck