Anybody else being told they are very "LOW"

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Wannabe Posts: 181
Hi Girls, As you's can see from ticker nearly 37 weeks, and every person i meet says oh my god you are so low, or you have dropped so much, and that i def wont go overdue or still be here in 4 weeks. Now i hope they are right !! but just wondering, anybody else at this stage feel they are carrying very low, i do feel myself my bump has dropped, the hosp told me on friday that the head is very well down. But i dont want to get my hopes thinking well i must be going to go soon, i'll prob go 2 weeks overdue now !!!
Port Princess Posts: 1154
I'd just take each day as it comes. With DS1 I was told by my doc a wk before christmas that his head was well engaged and like that everyone was telling me I was v low and babs had definitely dropped >:o( He finally arrived on 20 FEBRUARY 13 DAYS LATE!!!
Perci Posts: 3847
Hiya, I think you're my twin! My consultant told me that it's usual for the head to be engaged for a while before labour on first pregnancies but on subsequent pregnancies once the head's engaged you normally go fairly quickly. I'm carrying low too but unfortunately it's the baby's bum that's well down rather than his head so I'm heading for a section next Tuesday. Good luck with everything :wv
Lady Di Posts: 2487
I'm the opposite, I'm carrying very high. Like there's no space between my boobs and my bump!! So don't know if bump will drop! I know women that were carrying very high and they're bump never dropped!!
NotHere Posts: 10273
I was told at 32wks during a manual examination that the head was well down and bump had slightly changed shape at this stage too. Then at 35 weeks I had a scan where I was told again that the head was well [u:1283eo5l]well [/u:1283eo5l]down and I shouldn't go too far over my due date. Since then my bump has dropped, it actually looks smaller when I look down at it. So I'm crossing my fingers that all these experts are right and it is a sign that I'll go on time but I suppose no-one can tell for sure.
Wannabe Posts: 181
Thanks girls, im trying not to think thats its a good sign of going early because then i'll only be disspappointed if i go over, take each day as it comes, along as everything is ok thats the main thing
Mrs Cath2005 Posts: 138
I carried very low my entire pregnancy; the doc told me I dropped at 34 weeks - was induced at 39 weeks 4 days so unfortunately for me, I didn't go early. A lot of books say that once you drop you will deliver within 4 weeks so I had my hopes up!
Lady Di Posts: 2487
You don't always drop though do you?? I mean most of the time you do but I know a girl I worked with said she carried as high as me and her bump never dropped!!