Anybody else falling or tripping

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jelliebean Posts: 41
I am travelling with work and because I am by myself I think I need some reassurance. I am staying in a nice hotel with a lovely room and decided to treat myself to a soak in the bath. When I was lowering myself down I misjudged the depth of the bath and kind of dropped in to it. I kind of fell on my arse not too hard but gave myself a bit of a fright. I think everything should be ok, have felt a little movement since then seem to feel more when I am lying down in bed. Just worried now. Anybody else have any trips or falls at this stage? J
Lady Di Posts: 2487
I know that you are more likely to trip or fall when you are pregnant as your muscles are all relaxing so you have to be a bit more careful. I went through a stage where I kept going over on my ankle but thankfully never did any damage!! I'd be really careful getting in and out of the bath cos its slippy anyway!
dovedro Posts: 1295
Hi jelliebean I haven't been tripping or anything but I seem to drop everything i touch. My hands don't seem to want to work anymore and my DH thinks it's hillarious when I keep dropping things all the time Don't be worrying, your baby is moving away so it's fine. They're so well cushioned in there anyway that it probably didn't even feel a thing
Elliecat Posts: 2725
Hi Jelliebean, just wanted to let you know you're not alone - I've now fallen down stairs twice - once in the middle of the night I was headed to the kitchen for a drink, complete missed four steps and landed on my ass on the bottom step, really bruising the top of my back and pulling the muscles in my arms in the process, thank God baby was kicking away the next morning though, so I wasn't worried for too long. Second time was this weekend, was coming down steps in a hotel and my heel caught on the last step and I literally went flying, if dh hadn't been beside me to catch me it could've been nasty enough. I went down on my knees, but he stopped me from going flat on my face (and more importantly hitting the bump). Again, babs been kicking away since so I know no damage was done. I'm clumsy at the best of times, but definitely noticed I am more so in the last couple of weeks. I have to go down and up two flights of stairs every time I need to use the loo in work, so I'm being extra careful now.
sineaaad Posts: 402
Since I have found out I am pregnent I have fallen loads of times. One time I tripped over a kerb in the middle of town. It was so embarrassing (and painful), and I was worrying for days that I might have done some damage. I have also walked into tables and tripped over wires etc etc... Maybe I've always been clumsy and I'm just noticing it now!!!
jelliebean Posts: 41
Thanks guys, I think the clumsy thing is part and parcel of being pregnant, I know what you mean Dovedro about dropping things - my hand to eye co-ordination is totally gong out the window. Just have to be careful was just nervous the other night because I was on my own in a strange place. The baby is kicking away so all should be well. Think as well that I feel big and awkward that I am more likely to trip or fall. Take care J