Anybody else have a 2 door car??

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yorkie Posts: 375
We are now faced with having to sell our car in time for our new arrival... Unfortunately, in the current market we stand to lose up to €10k selling it O:| We could REALLY do without losing that amount of money right now, but do we have any choice?? Is anybody else in the same boat, or has anybody managed their baba in a 2 door??
moonandstars Posts: 280
Hi Yorkie, I have a two door car as well and thought that once you turned the airbag off you could put the car seat in the front but just found out from another post thats its not really advised. My DH has a four door so I think it will mean swapping cars :o( But his boot it soooooo small and he will get a new car, we need two as we work in different directions etc. From what I understand for the first few months the baby has to be in a rear facing car seat so if you have to climb into the back it may be a bit tricky but can be done. After that I think they are allowed into a forward facing seat which would be easier. Don't take my word for this this is just what I'm picking up but I may not be right. Hope this helps :xox
caoimh Posts: 479
hi, im in the same situation, have to try and sell my beloved little mini!!! the boot space is tiny in it for the buggy etc so it has to go!!
gemini chica Posts: 2581
I have a 2 door and to be honest was going to try it as planned on having the isofix/easyfix bases which means no messing with seatbelts, thought I might manage but when I found out I was having twins I knew I couldn't, but I am lucky as my sister is going to swap cars with me cos like that if I sell it I will loose too much!
Toblerone Posts: 2698
While not ideal for your back, it still is possible to have a 2 door car and use the back seat for car seat. My friend has a mini and just loves it so didn't want to change - she just puts the seat forward and climbs in with car seat and clips onto the base. Might be better to see how you get on before you take the big a financial hit.
mrs.july Posts: 3167
I just changed my car now-collecting car tomorrow hopefully. With finances tight we had planned to keep the 2 door, but realistically it wouldnt work-I had a Yaris which has a tiny boot-buggy barely fit in, not to mind shopping etc. Also, my niece is just 2 and took her plenty of times as a baby in car and it was a squeeze getting seat in and out (the base would have been in her car)-we had to take her out and then take seat out sideways as there wasn't enough space with front seat down. Even if we had the base it would have been awkward. The seat we bought for our baby just about fit through the gap but it was tight and would be very awkard climbing in and out so eventually decided to trade. Luckily though I wasn't facing a huge loss-traded a 00 for a 02 so no mad money involved. Maybe you should go car seat shopping to places that let you try seat in car and see how you would manage. And try get a really small buggy too. It can be done, it's just awkward but you will get used to it-better than a 10k loss I think!!
yorkie Posts: 375
Thanks everyone for your replies .. Our boot is quite large, so that isn't an issue for us. I think I'll do as suggested and try out a few car seats in it and see how we get on. I know it won't be ideal, but I think you're right and we should give it a go before losing all that money. Thanks guys!! :wv
jen09 Posts: 1390
When dd was born our car was out of action & the insurance co. gave us a 2doored corsa, it was fine; we just got the passengar airbag disabled & it worked fine. My aunt has a new born & like you just can't afford to sell car & lose money on it so she has the airbag disabled & brings her DS out & about in front of car. If as a family they go out her or hubby sit in back & baby in front with driver
s wife Posts: 1445
ive a two door car,and i wont be selling it my friend had a little one not so long ago and she has a two door she turned off the airbag and she had the car seat in the front with no probs at all ,so that's what im going to do :wv
Flossy Posts: 212
Hi there - we've a 3 door Freelander & whilst it is a bit of a pain having to climb in & out the back, we've done it from the beginning (as we couldn't disable the front passenger seat airbag) - not sure if the fact they we drive a 4x4 makes it a little easier as there's a lot of headroom. Now we are thinking about changing as with no2 on the way, climbing in & out of the back mightn't be as easy with a bump but will wait for a while yet. HTH x PS - Babs needs to be rear faacing until about 9 months x