Anybody ever feel a little down

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motherhubbard Posts: 3037
Hi Girls.. This is my 2nd pregnancy and even though I had a few bad days on my first I don;t remember having this down/upset feeling that I have now on and off for a few weeks :-8 Can this just be something you go through on some pregnancies? My sleep hasn't been the best the last few weeks so that is probably not helping. All opinions welcome, thanks :wv
bolababy Posts: 706
I felt very down about two weeks ago. I'd put on a good bit of weight since I got pregnant, and I hadnt gotten much maternity clothes so every morning was a struggle finding something decent to wear for work. I was wrecked,and not sleeping properly. Was crabby with DH and it all kinda pissed me off. Feeling better now, and mood has picked up so thats good. Hopefully it wil pass for you too
Peggy Sue Posts: 638
This is fairly common,so don't be worried. Why not book a meal and have a night out or book a facial for yourself and have a bit of "me time". It'll pass
motherhubbard Posts: 3037
Thanks Girls :xox I hope it does pass soon.. I'm sure there are a few contributing factors but all these hormones aren't helping. Kind of feel like I want to go curl up in a dark corner and sleep for a few days, on my own and undisturbed :o( But then I would miss my DS :lvs Can't win.
mommanancy Posts: 325
This is also my second pregnancy and I have been finding it very emotionally draining. I was very weepy and moody but this seems to have calmed down since about 24 weeks. I was also feeling very tired but have been taking iron for the last two weeks and have noticed an improvement in my enrgy levels. I am trying to make some time for myself as I dont want to be totally burnt out by the time the baby comes. I hope you are feeling better soon :xox
olba anon Posts: 50
I definitely think lack of sleep will play havoc with your emotions. Im feeling very sorry for myself this week. As you can seem from my ticker im in the very early stages but i already feel like this pregnancy thing has really taken over my life. I thought i would have 9 months to prepare for the baby coming but it already feels like my 'old' life has been taken away. Im so tired, sick, cranky, getting no satisfaction from food, sleep is awful...Just not feeling myself really and wondering if i ever will?! sorry, im probably depressing you even more..... :o(
motherhubbard Posts: 3037
Thanks girls as it really is a relief to know I am not the only one. Olba anon you are not depressing me more :xox and if it makes you feel better I remember that feeling on my first, and it is something nobody prepares you for, the fact is your life has to change from the minute you see that BFP... the first 14 weeks are the toughest though so get as much rest as you can until then and hopefully it won't be so bad after that. I am 22 weeks now so hopefully it'll pass soon, I guess I just thought as this was our 2nd and I know how great the ending is and how much it is worth it :lvs that I would not get this feeling at all this time around, silly I suppose :-8 I remember the 2nd trimester being the easy one with my DS but on this one it's been the most emotional??
whackywoman Posts: 1496
Hi MH Sorry to hear that you are feeling down its hard work being pregnant whether it is your 1st, 2nd, 3rd or 40th >:o) On DS I went through a really bad period of feeling really down and thinking that I didnt want to be pregnant at all even though I did if you know what I mean. it was also at the same time that I was not feeling well, had a really bad chest infection I couldn't shift, wasn't sleeping properly and DD was acting up. It does get better but try and do something for yourself. I also found like you I wanted to be with DD and DH but also wanted to be a million miles away having cocktails with a handsome waiter dancing attendance on me :o0 hope you all feel better soon.
motherhubbard Posts: 3037
Hi WW :wv Great to hear from you. That's exactly it I want to be with them and miles away at the same time :duh: And I am afraid to admit it while I am pregnant as I don't want to effect or jinx anything by saying it but Yes I want this baby more then anything in the whole world but right now I just don't want to be pregnant :-8 :o( Awful thing to say isn't it, you can't get the beautiful healthy baby (please God) without the pregnancy but I am almost too busy or impatient for it all. Sorry sounds horrible, I know how lucky we are and like I said I really really want this but find my head is a little tormented these days. Thanks again for the reply :wv