anybody have a list of photos for children to take??

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nikbic Posts: 344
hia i remember seeing on here someone had givin the older kids a camera and a list of funny snaps to take during the day and nite etc...... giving them a little job! so anybody got suggestions or ideas of funny pics for me??? O:o)
madhairday Posts: 1116
just let them point and shoot they wont be funny if they are set up
whoop whoop Posts: 1616
I like the idea of a list too, so it would be like giving them a quest and it's more likely that they won't get bored or use up all the photos in the first 10 minutes, so I'd also be interested if someone had ideas! I don't think the idea is that the photos themselves will be funny once they're developed. It's just giving them funny tasks to entertain them.
Sprocket Posts: 1671
Hi, I think you're talking about the scavenger hunt to keep children occupied rather than actual photos that you want. Here's the link to the Martha Stewart site with all the information. There is a PDF of things for the children to find that you can downlaod and print. Hope that helps :)
whoop whoop Posts: 1616
That is brilliant!! I might modify it a bit, but it's a fab idea!
kenzie70 Posts: 80
Thats a great idea! An inexpensive way to keep they quite!!!! O:| GENIUS!!!!
mooshel Posts: 46
I really like that idea. I would also add some things to the list - a woman in a ridiculously big hat. - someone frowning. - people applauding. - a pint of guinness - the highest heels they can find.
nikbic Posts: 344
Oh i like it moosshel keep them coming...... O-O