Anybody have or been to a wedding with a caricaturist??

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oliviak83 Posts: 360
Hi, Just wanting to get some feedback on having a caricaturist for the reception? Thanks, :wv
MJR Posts: 387
Was at a wedding a few weeks ago and they had one it was brilliant everyone really enjoyed and the drawings were fantastic, Id get one myself but would look like I was copying.. But if you have the budget Id say defo go for it
oliviak83 Posts: 360
Thanks MJR, u dont remember his name do you? I know they are loads out there, but I'd love one that has a good reputation!!
googoo Posts: 216
I was at a wedding with one and to tell you the truth - I wouldn't have even known there was one there only the Bride told me beforehand. He sat in the corner and only the kids went up to him - thought he wasn;t the best use of the money!!! Maybe if he went around the tables instead!!!