Anybody having strange wedding dreams yet?

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Mrs P_tobe Posts: 66
I've been having the strangest dreams about the wedding! I dreamed once that the lady at the hotel where we're marrying had to reschedule everything on the day and I had to have the sit down meal really early and I didn't have a chance to do my hair or make up! So i was sitting eating looking a mess! I woke up and was anxious all day about the wedding thinking oh GOD what if i don't have time to do everything in the morning! They have been horrible and make me panic! xxxx
frillynickers Posts: 1765
These also started for me last week, getting married in 4 months and over the past year I havent had any wedding related dreams. I dreamt that on the morning of the wedding I relised we hadnt taken out any money to pay the vendors on the day and it was a saturday so too late to do anything (we're getting married on a friday so dont know where saturday came from) so we arrive at the church and the singer refuses to sing so I had to get one of my BM's to sing instead (shes actually a brilliant singer). Then afterwards we arrive at the hotel and they refuse to serve us any food and said that our deposits would only cover a couple of platters and jusg of diluted orange. Then the band turned up but thankfully the deposit covered the price of the Dj but he would only start playing at 12pm im telling you it was soo weird, told himself the ext morning and he just said "your a bonkers bridezilla"
Mrs P_tobe Posts: 66
I'm so glad i'm not on my own. I get married in four months too, must be wedding jitters. During one dream i was crying through the speeches and i woke up really upset. Then it dawned on me how i will feel on the day with all those people looking at me! It might sound weird but I suffer a bit from anxiety and am a quiet and reserved person and it got me thinking about all the people's eyes on me on the day and I started to worry. I hope they stop these dreams! Have a feeling they will only occur more though towards the time. My sis said she used to dream she had nothing to wear cos her dress went missing LOL xxx
november09!! Posts: 81
Thank God I'm not the only bonkers bride!! I've had one about running really late to the chapel wearing tracksuit bottoms and not having time to change or get hair / makeup done but I also had a really weird one that I had black stuff all over my teeth that wouldnt come off - scary!! I've still ages to go yet as well, dread to think what I'll be like closer to the time...
Mrs P_tobe Posts: 66
ha ha ha am laughing at your post November09. The only time I ever remember having weird similar dreams like this was when i was very young and had just started Secondary School. I used to dream that I had gone to school and forgotten to put my skirt, things like that! These seem really similar maybe it's our insecurities coming out and worries about everything going right on the wedding day. Will keep you all updated with my other dreams as i'm sure there are more funny ones to come! xx :o0 :wv x
Autumn Winter Posts: 140
Yep, six months to my wedding and so far I have dreamt that we forgot to send out invitations, hence had to go home and no wedding. Dreamt twice that the Diamonds fell out of my engagment ring, that one scared me. Last night I dreamt that when I took my veil off for the first dance, my wedding dress was too short and I couldnt dance. Is it that we are too obsessed with the big day?
Mrs P_tobe Posts: 66
LOL! I think it's cos it's probably always at the back of our minds. xxxx
Pricetag Posts: 1306
H2B had one last week, he said I was rushing everything through and I wanted it done really quick But last night I had a similar dream, it was weird, everything was really disorganised and the cake was half gone and I never sent invitations and i'd never met the DJ so when he was setting up all I was thinking was he doesn't know what music I like :( :o0 Then when the meal was over the hotel staff kept counting everyone and I was getting annoyed saying it's the afters of course there's more people now :o0 Dreams are mad!!!
excitementcity Posts: 1007
Hahhaa think I've had the best one yet. Recently dreamt I went to the reception in nothing but my veil. Forgot to put on my dress. Then sis said she would go back and get it for me but I said there was no point because I had forgotten to get it altered! :o0 :o0 :o0 Gas!
Mrs P_tobe Posts: 66
My sis said exactly the same, she said she used to dream about having nothing on but she walked down the aisle anyway!!!! xxxx