Anybody leaving from hotel day of wedding?

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blueeyes14 Posts: 207
Hi i was just wondering if anyone is staying in hotel night before wedding and leaving from it next day ?if so are you asking photographer or videographer or both to go to hotel that morning ?unsure of asking them and would it be better to start photographs and video at the church thanks.
chefmaid Posts: 2426
My friend left the hotel last year and she has photos taken at the hotel and the video started at the church..
Bobbles! Posts: 215
I am going from the hotel and asked both videographer and photographer to come to hotel before I leave...Its the same as asking them to come to house on morning of wedding... They are both fine to do this and then will head over to church just beofre I leave to catch H2B over there!!
signorina_matrimonio Posts: 1297
Looks we'll do that as well - but mam is throwing a hissy fit over it - she wants to see me get ready and leave her house when I start my new life It's cute as hell, but logic never plays a part when obeying tradition does it?!?! :o0
Spudnik2b Posts: 1804
I'm leaving from hotel and stated this when booking videographer and photographer and neither of them have any problems with coming to the hotel, as another wollie said, its the same as them going to your house really.
blueeyes14 Posts: 207
think i will ask the photgrapher to come to the hotel thanks for replies.
Bree Van De Kamp Posts: 1275
I'm leaving from the hotel too and will have photographer come there to take photos of us getting ready. Mammy had a bit of a problem with it at the start but she's gotten over it cause am having hair and makeup come to us and she's going to join us and have hers done too.
MRS.Q Posts: 558
I'm going from hotel too... Photographer will be starting at hotel too... hadn't really thought about it till now though....
Teeny10 Posts: 566
I'm going from the hotel and both photographer and videographer will start there too.
yummum2010 Posts: 407
Im leaving from the hotel too and the videographer and photographer will both start there - its just like them coming to your house but to a hotel instead. I walk to my church as its a 2 min walk - totally untraditional but it will be nice to have a wee walk with my dad on the way to the church! Good Luck! :wv