Anybody not doing table plans

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jogrady09 Posts: 143
Hi girls :wv i was just wondering are any of ye not doing seating plans i don't think i will i taught it would be easier to let them sit where they want . Is this a bad idea ?
MrsTiredbride Posts: 3397
I'm doing a table plan but not a seating plan. Telling people what table to sit at and let them sort it out among themselves after that. After being to a few weddings without a table plan I've decided it's something I want.
spanishb2b Posts: 1261
We're having a table plan but only because I think that if you don't tell people which table to sit at you'll probably end up with people trying to squeeze extra seats in to a table!! Maybe that wouldn't happen but I wouldn't put it past some people!! :o0
babs78 Posts: 194
I'm doing a table plan but not a seating plan. Of the last 5 weddings I've been to only one had a seating plan, one had a table plan, and 3 were just sit where you like! I'd always imagined that there would be problems/carnage with seat-yourselves but they all worked out grand and everyone got at a table with people they liked so there wasn't any issues
ghostchild2 Posts: 6237
We didn't do a table plan. Personally I don't like them and prefer chosing for myself who I sit beside. I know DH's family wanted one (his sister and brother had one) but my family would have hated it. DH's family weddings were the only ones I've been to who had a seating plan.
marriedLife Posts: 1881
jogrady09 I would definately recommend doing some sort of seating plan - like some of the girls - even do a table plan or something. I have been to two weddings with no seat plan and it was a nightmare getting a seat. The first one we couldn't sit with any of our gang because couldn't find enough seats left together and ended up eventually getting two seats together at a table with strangers. They second one I was alot more clued in and went in a grabbed a group table but felt really bad telling people "Oh sorry, this table is taken!". It also took ages to get everyone sat because people where looking for seats together etc..
jogrady09 Posts: 143
Thanks for the replys i'm sorry for being stupid but i taught seating and table plans were the same thing :-8 :-8 i meant to write are ye doing table plans ? i'm still not sure we are having 170 guest only about 30 are my family and about 20 friends the rest are h2b's family if i do a plan will i mix them around or wats the norm any help would be great O-O i'm not asking my mother or f mil cause they wreck my head enough as it is O:|
marriedLife Posts: 1881
A table plan assigns say 10 people to each table - so as they enter they can see what table number they are sitting at and then they can sit at any seat at that table. Where as a seating plan allocates a person to a chair - so they get a table number and then at the table there are name card at each place telling them where to sit. I would just sit the people together that know each other - they will enjoy the day alot more sitting with people they know. So for your family do three tables of 10 say close to the head table and then split your friends in a similar fashion, and then your H2B's family.
babs78 Posts: 194
I thought table plans where were you assigned people to a table but they couls sit anywhere at that table and seating plans were where you assigned them to an actual seat and had a nameplace for them etc. Could be wrong?!
milis Posts: 7998
I didn't have a table plan, and nobody had any difficulty finding a seat. The hotel set more places than were needed to allow for people to sit with the people they wanted to. If you are planning on mixing people up, or you are not sure who will want to sit where, I don't think there's much point in doing a table/seating plan -this defeats the purpose of having a plan!! I've been to a few weddings this year that didn't have a plan, and I was quite happy.