Anybody on the mini-pill?

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Sofia Posts: 52
Going to the doctor tomorrow and was going to ask for the mini pill. I was on numerous other pills and the side-effects were woeful, so it was suggested to me maybe I should go on the mini-pill. Anybody have any experience good or bad??
eloise Posts: 54
Is the mini pill the same as micro-lite? If it is then I find it great - no noticeable side effects. One of my doctors did say however that she would be careful regarding the 12 hour rule with it (ie any more than a few hours late and she thinks it might be less effective.) No one else mentioned this to me. Hope that's of some help. Eloise
Alexis07 Posts: 64
The mini pill is a progesterone only pill. Most of the side effects you get from the pill are from oestrogen so the mini pill cuts down on them. The BIG down side to the mini pill is that it is not as effective as the combined pill. It doesn't always stop you from ovulating. Also you have to take it at the same time every day. If you are more than 3 hours late at taking it you need to use extra precautions! What sort of side effects are you getting on the pill? A good option for you could be the Nuvaring. It has half the amount of oestrogen compared to the pill. Therefore it has very few side effects. Also you dont have to remember to take it every day. Leave it in for 3 weeks and out for one. I use it and think its fantastic. If you really cannot take oestrogen then other more reliable than the mini pill options out there are the arm implant and the coil. Hope this helps. Just PM me if you want more info. Good luck...
Sofia Posts: 52
Thanks Girls, Went for Noriday doc stressed the importance of taking it every day at the exact same time. Will see how it goes!!