Anybody planning to quit smoking before their wedding???

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jitterbug Posts: 226
Hi, I'm a moderate smoker (bout 10 a day but more when drinking!!!) Getting married in May 08 and want to quit before then. Am thinking of trying hypnosis. I did quit for 6 months before - and piled on a stone... I need to loose about 3 stone already so thats not an option!! Anybody any suggestions or any other smokers out there planning to give up soon? thanks!
popple Posts: 1368
I have heard about this pill called champex.... not sure if thats how you spell it... you can get it off your doctor and its supposed to be excellant... you take it for three months and then stop and you should be off them for good!!... I'm same as you i smoke about 5 to 6 cigs a day and am considering giving up. a friend of mine is going on champex... i'll let you know if he has any success.. :wv
Capetown Posts: 976
I had intended giving up but I've left it too late so will wait till after. I'm pissed off with myself that I didn't just bite the bullet. I've put on 2 stone since september so I'm definitly afraid of doing anything before the wedding. I'm taking slimming pills which are a load of crap havn't lost a pound. I might just give them up. I heard that theirs patched you can get in the health shop that repress your apitite so I might give them a go.
jitterbug Posts: 226
You sound pissed off about the weight loss... I know that feeling so well. How long to go to your wedding? Posts: 10
Hi All, Hypnosis is the best way to stop smoking. In Hypnosis the triggers that make a smoker keep smoking are broken. I.E with a cup ot tea - on the phone - Driving - Drinking etc. In hypnosis you can change the way you think about smoking and also stop smoking with any weight gain. Irish-hypnotherapy
WinterGal Posts: 835
My H2B wanted to give up so he went on the Allen Carr's stop smoking clinic. He's off them a week and a day at the moment and he's delighted. It's not hypnosis but more like a reality talk. He's not eating more either and feels fantastic since and much more healthy too. He actually wants to start running again - now that's scary!