Anybody seen the band Transmitter at a wedding?

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Number2inNov Posts: 447
We've seen them play in pubs, and h2b and I are really impressed with their music. So was just wondering if anyone has seen them at a wedding and how did the guests like them? The majority of our guests would be relatively young so I think they would like them; they do play older songs as well like the Beatles, Bruce Springstein, etc so I'm hoping that there'd be something for everyone! Anne Marie Kelly (used to be on Today FM) DJs with them as well and plays all sorts of music so that should cater for all. Just looking for any opinions any of you have if you've seen them. They're definite contenders for the wedding. Thanks :wv
PixiePop Posts: 33
Hi Hunnybun, did you book Transmitter for your wedding in the end? H2B have just started planning and think they're really good too but not sure what they'd be like for a wedding rather than a gig. All comments welcome!