Anybody switched to 3??

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Purple Tulip Posts: 3442
Hey, as anybody moved to the new network 083?
Holly Posts: 480
I moved over the weekend, number has been ported across no problems and I LOVE my cool new phone. Coverage seems to be better then O2 as they use Vodafones network for the bits they haven't covered. As I said, only did it at the weekend so cant give much feedback yet.
Holly Posts: 480
Purple Tulip Posts: 3442
Holly, I'm thinking of goin across myself, sound is gone on my phone and not due an upgrade for another 4 months, going to have a look at weekend. Which handset did ya go for? i was looking at the Motorolo flip one.
Holly Posts: 480
I went for the new Sony Erricson one, I was never a fan of Motorola, but it did look like a nice little phone.
Mrs.Dee Posts: 372
Hi Mrs E, Not with 3 but did get the new Motorola flip phone last week and I love it! :D Takes a little getting used to but sure that's always the way when changing phones.
originalwoowoo Posts: 867
My DH has gone over and has been without the phone since end of last week. You cannot get through to his number or he cant call - its as if the network is down, but only on his phone. We were also told that if there was a network problem 3 would piggy back onto Vodafone but that is not happening either. Thankfully he has the old number still but very frustrating as they do not know what the problem is!!!
Judy Posts: 612
I got the new motorola v3 its gorgeous and slim and sexy, and very easy to use, I had the new Sony erricson b4 it and would never buy another one of them again, its the 3G one. Ya cant hear it ring as the volume level doesnt go up to loud, and the phonebook keeps sticking. I had two of them as these probs were really bugging me bout the first one and the replacement was no better. Just my tupance tho....
Holly Posts: 480
Hi Judy, was it the flip one you had? or the smaller one? (Cant remember the model no.) Hope I'm not going to start having problems, but so far so good.
Strawberry Posts: 148
Girls, I work in Telecoms, quite a lot to do with 3G actually. Would you mind if I asked why you bought 3G phones? Was it because of the video calls or music.... or you just liked the handsets? No problem if you prefer not to say.