Anyone a scaredy cat like me?

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LabLady Posts: 4325
You know how DH is a bouncer (nightclub doorman) at night? Well I have been here alone scaring the bejesus out of myself everynight this week after putting the girls out to bed! Any little noise and I am quaking! The alarm is on, the phone is by my side but I still get the heebee jeebies. I think its cause we havent got blinds/curtains yet and no street lights yet. That someone could see in but I cant see them out there? Am I alone in being an overactive scaredy cat?
Billyjack Bride Posts: 797
nope, not at all.. i call it the Onion Man.. he comes to visit to make you sh*t scared even tho there is no logical reason why you should be scared.. ah yes, my ole pal the Onion Man.. I HATE him..
LabLady Posts: 4325
I dont get it though how do I do it to myself? I mean when I worked as a bouncer I could well look after myself, then I get home and I am a bag o nerves! If DH knew I was like this he would stop working and we cant afford that!
twinbambinos Posts: 3492
oh i know how you feel i am sitting here on my own (H2b out for the night) with every light on in the house because I am such a big scaredy cat..its riduculous
happybridefor06 Posts: 305
i have been living with my dh since i was 18 im 26 now and i still will not stay in the house on me own im living in co louth the last 5 yrs and i have all my friends up from dublin to keep me company or go up there even when he is out for a drink in louth i will ask in the neigbours to keep me company :-8 :-8
LabLady Posts: 4325
I just dont know! Cant live like this forever you know! Maybe when we get neighbours, street lighting and blinds! LOL
Gonetopasturesgreener Posts: 3556
No, I'm a scardey cat too. Am here with the dog and I'm too scared to go up to bed! H2b is gone for for 2 nights and I HATE staying on my own. Every door and window has been locked and triple checked, and the wind howling outside is freaking me out. I think I watch too much telly maybe. :-8
Mrs Princess Sparkle Posts: 3854
Nope, you're not- I'm the very same. My h2b is going to be away all next week- I'm DREADING it- I'll be terrified :o(
mad woman Posts: 22106
no your not at all! my DH is gonna be away next week and Ill probably have the two kids in the bed with me and the light on.
Smurfet Posts: 1
Definitely not .... we'll be moving into our house in the next few weeks house is my dream home but it is in the middle of nowhere (moving to my H2Bs town) H2B works nights and I know I'm going to be terrified especially as I'm living in Dublin now and don't like staying on my own as it is, so can only imagine what I am going to be like when there is nothing around me...