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Shorti3 Posts: 404
I am having a panic attack about my honeymoon, we just cannot decide where to go initially I wanted Dubai/Maldives and when I called the travel agent to discuss this she basically told me I am Irish (which I know already) and that going to Dubai end of July beginning of August was madness at it is up around 40degrees and that the Maldives is fab but long travel times and its rainy season so you could be rained off most days.. why not try Italy!! Then I was chatting to the other half and he had thought in his head we would do America, New York and Vegas perhaps but its his 30th next year and I always said id take him to Vegas as a surprise so I was like oooh.. I’ve already been to New York a few times and it’s not somewhere I thought I would go on my honeymoon, my h2b said last night you choose and I will go wherever but its his honeymoon to and I don’t want to choose on my own, he also said what about the Dominican Republic and maybe Miami... I don’t even know if this is possible but I also don’t think he realises that flights costs a good bit either... Has anyone got any ideas of where we could go or any advice for me .. im starting to panic now we only have 5 months to go.. 
peony2012 Posts: 76
Hi, Not to panic! I have been to Dominican Republic before and loved it Dreams Punta Cana Palm Beach , beautiful hotel but you are confined to the resort apart from Day trips, we are getting married in July and going to Bali, have you looked up there, amazing hotels and things to do, Europe is great but can be as expensive if not more so than going long haul! Trailfinders are very helpful you should call them! O:o)
Smiley13 Posts: 215
Thats weird what the travel agent said about how hot it would be in Dubai, sure even the Canaries can get that hot in August, so if you've gone to the Canaries before I wouldn't be put off going to Dubai just because of the hot temperature. Sure with lots of air con, swimming pool and cocktails I'm sure you'd be well able for it. Enjoy it all whereve it takes you O:o)
Flower Girl Posts: 1645
That travel agent sounds a bit odd, Italy is lovely but is obviously not the sort of holiday you were enquiring about. I'd agree with the others you should consider somewhere in the Caribbean - would be a similar beachy holiday to the Indian Ocean, but you could combine with a few days in the US at the end to keep himself happy.
Bootleg Betty Posts: 264
I'm going to New York and barbados on mine. Booked it all myself aswel so was handy enough!
Carriedaway Posts: 1863
What about a carribean cruise and a stay in miami / new york that way your hubby gets to see new york and you get your sun holiday if you still really want maaldives/dubai you should try a different travel agent
Shorti3 Posts: 404
[quote="Bootleg Betty":t4rqb7r0]I'm going to New York and barbados on mine. Booked it all myself aswel so was handy enough![/quote:t4rqb7r0] you booked it all yourself ah well done, i was just looking at trailfinders there and they have lots of ideas. Yes totally agree about the travel agent, h2b said ITALY i mean we both agree its fab but i was definitely planning a real treat and i just thought i can go there anyday. Im darked anyway so the hotter the better for me tbh, back to the drawing board me thinks.. I will just have to corner him tonight or even ask him to take a day off work to come and check things out... thanks girls i really appreciate your imput
MichelleBelle Posts: 202
That's weird. maybe she was having trouble shifting holidays to Italy and her commission needs a boost?! If you want Dubai/Maldives, then go for it - there are plenty of travel agents our there that I'm sure will be willing to help you! We went island hopping in Greece for ours, it was magical, it was ridiculously hot every day and my Irish husband didn't shrivel up and die or anything :o0
tassajara Posts: 723
I wouldn't go to Dubai at the end of July/ beginning of August this year unless you want to deal with 45C weather which is much much hotter than the Canaries and not being able to eat any food, drink water, chew gum or smoke in public from dawn to dusk thanks to Ramadan arriving early. You probably would still feel uncomfortable in a tourist destination in Dubai as they will observe it too or will screen you off from the public in their restaurant or around the pool if you even want to order a drink during the day.
kariega Posts: 112
We were also looking at Maldives/Dubai, with South Africa being our other choice but we will be going in November. Have you tried Mexico. We went to Cancun twice & loved if so much after the first trip we returned the next year. You can combine it with a city break somewhere in the states. My sister went to Cancun on her honeymoon in January & they loved it. They stopped off in San Francisco & Vegas before coming home, but Mexico was the highlight of their trip.