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AnnieSheri Posts: 100
Hi, Just wondering if anyone has any experiences (good or bad) from attending either Galway University Hospital, Mayo General Hospital or Portiuncula for their pregnancy and delivery? Any one any experience of a home birth in the Galway/Tuam area? Thanks.
theoracle Posts: 7664
I have been attending Mayo General on 3 of my pregnancies, all were public/combined care. I have had a m/c in late 2006 and they have been good in dealing with it all. Then on dd2 I had lots of early bleeds and the EPU there were great in dealing with it, and during pregnancy I developed some complications and they kept a really close eye on me with scans every 2 weeks. I have given birth with just the midwifes, completely natural and without tears. DD2 needed special care due to jaundice for a couple of days and the staff in the special care unit were absolutely fantastic. I am now on my 4th pregnancy, which has started out as twin pregnancy, and so far so good. Because I have (since the loss of one twin) had a very normal, easy pregnancy, I have only had standard appts post week 28, so I suppose what you have to be aware of that a pregnancy is 'normal' you will get standard level of care (1 detailed scan, occasional mini scan by consultant), but if they have any reason for concern of any kind they really turn it up several notches and you are monitored very closely. I was under Dr Bartels (he is German), he was ok, but as described above I hadn't really a need for him at birth. If I have missed anything else you wanted to know, don't hesitate to ask! Potential downsides: Waiting times can be long on occassion, but normally was max 30-40 minutes. Dr Bartels was absent quite a bit, you are most likely to be seen by the team, however if anything is out of ordinary a senior person will always be the one making decision on treatment/further course of action Public ward is very busy at times and the staff did appear stretched, I couldn't fault their overall care though, just note a bit of patience might be required at times! I stayed on public ward which was absolutely fine, but there was one lady there with an excessive number of visitors who were breaking all the rules on visitation times, so I suppose I would have hoped for the staff to be a bit more strict in clearing them off!
Mrs.G Posts: 1828
hi..going to UCHG soon so will tell you how I get on!
goldie. Posts: 1233
Mrs G can you let me know how you get on too. Bit worried about the uni hospital to be honest.
AnnieSheri Posts: 100
hu101 and Mrs. G thanks for your replies. Congrats to ye both on your pregnancies. I hope all goes well for ye both.
Mrs.G Posts: 1828
thanks AnnieSheri! Goldie, will defo let you know... have loads of friends who have gone there & only heard good experiences so far so don't worry.