Anyone around the 15 wk mark??

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bridalnowmam Posts: 2202
Hi All Just wondering are any of you around the 15 wk mark? Am out of work sick today, think I have got an infection so am taking myself off to the doc later today! Other than that though I want to know how ye are all feeling I am still being sick every day, am very hormal the past wk, crying at everything, literally sunday night i cried and cried for just nothing . Hubby kept asking what was wrong and I kept saying i dont know, so funny now but not at the time....soooooo embarassing !!!! Clothes are starting to become tight and the belts on my trousers are packed away now until after october
shootingstar Posts: 1340
Hi there Bridal!!! I'm hittin the 15 week mark tomorrow :o)ll :o)ll Thank god seems to be going ok!!!! My MS seemed to disappear the day i turned to week 12!!!!! My clothes are all too tight, so have to go shopping this weekend!! not looking forward to the elasticated trousers but they are a must now I suppose!!!!! :yelrotflmaosmilie: :yelrotflmaosmilie: When i was 11 weeks i got a viral infection, kinda like a chest infection, only the doctor couldnt give me anything for it cuz I was under the 12 weeks! so i had to suffer!!!!! Have a doctors appointment on Thursday for a check up, and im hoping he is going to take my bloods and what nots to make sure all is ok!!!! Cant wait for Scan and it wil be 4 weeks today?? Im feeling dead hormonal as well!! keep biting the OH's head off for no reason! he is the best in teh world and i keep niggling at him for nothing!!? Suppose he needs to take the bad with the good!!!! :xxx :xxx
jarashow Posts: 3083
15 weeks today !!! Wrecked tired and am finding it had to sleep at night, which is soooooo not like me and is REALLY annoying me. Keep tossing and turning and can't get used to sleeping on my side. Clothes wise I can just about do up the top button on 2 pairs of jeans the others have all been put away. I have a pair of maternity ones but I have only worn them twice and am not really keen on them, I reckon they will be more comfy when I get a bit bigger. I do have a funny feeling at the top of my pubic line, if you get me, in the evenings only. I'm not as bloated in the evenings but rekon that this is what this is. I have to rub my lower tummy to try and relieve it. It doesn't feel like the descriptions of movement starting and I would have thought it's odd that I only feel it in the evenings. Don't even start me on the hormones, I am bad enough as is it and they are only making me worse. Lucky I laugh when they kick in and so does hubbie as honestly if I cry telling a story about how your man who plays Jack Duckworth said it's sad not working with the lady that plays Vera it deserves to be laughed at LOL