Anyone at 19 weeks?

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coolbride Posts: 63
Just wondering if you look pregnant! Still dont have that "round" effect and I feel it's all down below my belly-button. I am not a small girl - size 14 - with fine hips and bum!! Always had a bit of belly anyway, but still waiting for the bump to rise! Just wondering what other 19 weekers are like?!
fancypants Posts: 453
Hi pregnancy twin! I am 19 weeks tomorrow - and have a very definite bump - kinda have from teh start to be honest - am in maternity clothes all the time - people in work keeping 'joking' about me having twins - HILARIOUS Not! but thankfully it is all bump - I don't think I look like i have put on weight elsewhere. Anyway there you go, just goes to show they are all different
Ducky Posts: 2506
Hi, am 19 weeks tomorrow and bump is heading upwards, where everything is being shoved out of the way. Still have slight 'waist' which is annoying as I look like I have two pot bellies only they are hard. Some days I have a full bump, starting below boobs, other days, hardly any bulge anywhere at all. Hiya fancypants, long time no read twinnie!!
fancypants Posts: 453
yeah sorry - have been too busy in work to log on - Gah! - but have been lurking on occassion - glad all going well for you
bree Posts: 1880
hi girls ... 18wks today & like ducky said i look like i have 2 pot bellies which is so so annoying.. but do think the last week or two have been the most major in terms of physical change.. plus the them!