Anyone at All Hallows course last sat?

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bride1975 Posts: 214
Just wondering if any other wollies were at the all hallows pre-marriag course on the 20th of sept? Would be interested to hear their views. I thought it was good - ish. People kept telling me that things would come up that you had never discussed with your H2B and that it was great for that. We had already discussed everything they talked about and to be honest i'd be a bit worried if we hadn't. it's fairly basic stuff !
Twister Posts: 209
We have just booked ours for All Hallows next Feb.and would be interested in hearing your feedback on same
bride1975 Posts: 214
good enough, H2b and myself had talked about everything that they had brought up already so there were no shocking revalations for either of us. At times it dragged but we both felt that we got at least 5 things/tips out of it and to be honest, it's worth it for that. they didn't harp on about contraception (like some seem to) and i'm pretty glad of that, it would have irratated me. so all in all, not the best day of my life but certainly not the worst. wierdly it does make you all loved up afterwards, cause it's so rare in a relationship that you just focus on the two of you and nothing else. so..... it was quite good i suppose. would love to hear other peoples opinions on it as well.