Anyone avail of free photography service?

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pennies Posts: 240
Hi Girls, I`m just wondering if anyone has taken up any of the offers for free photography service in which the photographer can use some of your shots in their portfolio/advertising. I`ve seen this advertised on the boards recently and would like to do same, just wondering if ye have any feedback, thanks :thnk
Mrs Malefesense Posts: 1440
I know our hotel asked our photographer if he got any nice shots to let them have them O:| O:| O:| What a bloody cheek O:| O:| O:| We pay thousands for the services of both for the day and in the end we've no control over what happens to the pictures. Our photographer has mentiond this to us and quite kindly agreed not be let them have any shots without our permission. DH and I would both hate our photographs to be used as advertising material but that's just us. I'd be wary of where they could end up etc
Enchantress Posts: 1509
Wow...i would defo go for this...did someone offer this to you?? Hey, if you dont fancy doing it, give them my number :o0