Anyone been greyhound racing (Newbridge)

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missymoomooo Posts: 639
Hi girls, Just wondering if any of ye's have ever been to the greyhound racing in Newbridge? We're having a weekend away to Kildare soon and i thought this might be a nice surprise for himself one of the nights? Anyone eaten in the restaurant? :wv
IndigoMoon Posts: 2842
We have done this a couple of times. Each time we had a ball. Food is fab & the best thing is you never have to move from your table
missymoomooo Posts: 639
That's brill girls thanks a mil. Defo gonna book it so. Just wanted to make sure the food was ok. OH is into his few bets so he'll love this and i've never been to the dogs so hoping we'll have a god night. Can't wait now O-O
ivy Posts: 3
I'm going to assume that some people on here don't know what goes on behind the scenes in the greyhound racing industry. Here are a few facts to help give the bigger picture and maybe some of you will decide that this is not something you wish to support.... 1. More than 30,000 greyhound pups are registered each year. 2. In 2007, there were 4038 litters which resulted in 32,304 puppies. 3. After 12 weeks, 9577 pups were not earmarked. 4. After 12 months, of those who were earmarked , 1811 were not registered to race. 5. Therefore at 12 months, 11,388 pups were unaccounted for..... where did they go???? On top of these pups, a further ~16,000 injured, diseased or retired greyhounds are missing or unaccounted for each year. Where do these go??? Large numbers of greyhounds are culled indescriminately. According to the Irish Independent in May 2009, injured greyhounds were found in Clonmel after being used as bait for fighting dogs. A greyhound whippet was found with 80 puncture wounds and died of shock. Greyhounds with ears cut off were found rotting in Shannon Estuary – a deliberate attempt to avoid identification as a greyhounds id is tattooed onto the inside of the ear. Larry Earle from Wexford admitted shooting dogs for €10 each using a captive bolt and stated in the Sun Newspaper that he could not remember how many greyhounds he had killed in the last year. The Irish Greyhound Board continue to do nothing to ensure that those involved in the industry care for and account for every puppy that is born. Why do they not ask questions about the whereabouts of all of these beautiful dogs? Why do they not hold anybody accountable? It's simple, it's how they make their money. It is very difficult to rehome a greyhound in Ireland, so, many get shipped to America, Canada, the UK, Italy and across Europe to people who will rescue our dogs from us, the Irish. We should be ashamed of ourselves. I won't post any of the photos I have of abused ex-racing greyhounds as they are horrific. Needless to say that if you wish to look into this issue further, there is plenty more info on this topic available online and videos of our greyhounds being rescued by other countries can be seen on youtube. Greyhounds make wonderful pets. They are gentle, friendly dogs with great personality! Ask at your local animal rescue centre for information on adopting an ex-racer or abandoned greyt. So basically, by going to the greyhound races and supporting the industry, we are continuing the extensive breeding and resulting culling of beautiful greyhounds.... I know I can have a good night out in a pub without that on my conscience. :-8
MOHAug09 Posts: 62
The same as what maybebabysomeday said!! O-O
missymoomooo Posts: 639
I'm sorry ivy but by going racing how exactly am i [b:2knbf6tb]supporting[/b:2knbf6tb] these people? By going to a race meet i am supporting the sport itself i suppose but, i would never ever condone that kind of treatment of any kind of animal. I hate when people butt in on topics like you've done just to bring the tone of the subject down. As a dog owner myself i'd never ever want to see any animal treated badly but i'm aware of it happening....this is not only with regard to racing dogs but also race horses, certain breeds of dog for fighting etc etc. I don't [b:2knbf6tb]support[/b:2knbf6tb] it or agree with it, it horrifies me actually and makes me feel very sad. At the same time i know the dogs and horses that race are bred for just that, and i believe there is no harm in the sport itself and i believe going to one of the meets, having a good night out and a few drinks is all part of it and i won't be feeling bad for doing that. I don't believe i'm supporting cruelty in doing that though. If you want to start a topic on animal cruelty i'll gladly post up my support for you raising awareness just not on my topic where i was looking for some harmless information! [/i]
ivy Posts: 3
Pinklady, it certainly wasn't my intention to upset you by "butting in" on your topic. My post was merely a contribution to a public thread. I am more than aware that in Ireland there is a poor awareness of the cruelty of this particular sport and I saw the opportunity to share information which many people might not know. At the moment the IGB are spending a lot of money marketing greyhound racing as a fun night out and are opening new race tracks. Elsewhere in the world, an awareness of the often inhumane background to this sport has resulted in tracks becoming less popular. In the UK for example, many tracks have actually closed. Here however, people just don't know enough about the way the industry works to make an informed decision on whether they want to support the industry, breeders and owners. Personally I would be upset if I spent money in my local racetrack to find out later about the culling and abuse that is associated with the industry. I only wanted to inform and was in no way criticising others or inhibiting others from contributing to this thread!