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peeps000 Posts: 28
[quote="Jomcodoodle":wivl31f0] The crane is gorgeous but away from all the action. Having said that barbados is quite small so you can travel anywhere for the day. But for me personally i couldn't handle two weeks in the crane. Had you thought about splitting your trip, one week in st lucia and one in barbados? We went to the crane for three nights and another hotel for four when we visited and it was grand.[/quote:wivl31f0] Yeah I'm not too keen on the Crane as it seems to be pretty far away. Would it be fair to say that St James would be the best area to stay if we're looking for activity/ restaurants etc? At first we wanted to split our trip and have 5 nights on each island but from looking at the price of resorts, I just don't think we could afford it. Now we are thinking a 6 night all inclusive cruise with Royal Caribbean to Haiti, Jamaica, Grand Cayman and Mexico and then to either St Lucia or Barbados for the last 5 nights to chill out. Still torn between the two islands though :duh:
Bootleg Betty Posts: 264
I'm off on honeymonn next Sunday and going to Barbados :) We're staying in Turtle Beach - Elegant hotels, it's close to St. Lawrence Gap where you'll find night life and restaurants etc! Have a look at this site. They've another hotel called Crystal Cover, that's more couples orientated but wouldn't be for us as we like somewhere a bit busier!
flomeo Posts: 249
Hey there! Went to Barbados and St Lucia on hols 2 years ago and I preferred St Lucia, its more tropical and lush and there is much better scenery I thought. The pitons are amazing, a day we spent snorkelling there was just unreal. We stayed in Ti Kaye village and it was incredible- so romantic and the staff were super. We were the only ones there not on HM! Would love to go back there. In barbados we stayed at the Bougainvillea resort- near St Lawrence gap alright and some good bars and restaurants there. Up around St James is lovely, v classy. The Crane is far from places alright and is on the atlantic coast so the sea is rougher from what I remember.