Anyone been to Brussels?

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jackrussell Posts: 213
Heading there for a weekend soon and was wondering what are the good spots to visit. Going to visit Bruges anyway.
ghostchild2 Posts: 6237
It's been 12 years since I was there but wanted to say have a brilliant time. I do know I enjoyed it and had a great time :wv
Mari yay Posts: 4045
There's hop on/hop off tour buses, do that if you can its a brill way to get around! And visit the atomium too, that place freaked me out a little, they have escalators and they are SO narrow, its slightly claustraphobic! And there is a theme park right beside it too! Go see the Mannequin Pis, the Pissing boy, its a big deal in Brussels! And I remember there is a big square with loads of restaurants for eating outdoors, but the name of the square escapes me at the mo! I think it may be Grand place but couldn't swear by it! It's a beautiful city, enjoy!
SunnyK Posts: 3834
Yeah that square is the Grand Place - it's lovely at night all lit up. I've been there twice but it was YEARS ago and mainly just a p*ss up to be honest. I thought it was a lovely city but couldn't really help with the tourist side of things except as you've said visit Bruges for the day and also see the Manequin Pis. There's a place called Mini Europe too, I didn't go see it, just saw it in one of the tourist books but might be worth googling to see if you'd be interested. There's also the obvious of what it's famous for...the chocolate and the beer. Honestly the chocolate there is to die for! Enjoy :compress
paperclips Posts: 3146
We went to Brussels about 2 years ago for New Years. Its a lovely little city. We really enjoyed our few days there. We stayed in The Sheraton which was lovely and very central. Do the Hop On-Hop Off tour, its a great way to get around and see the city. It doesnt take too long but its worth it. You can visit the EU Headquarters. Depending on times you can attend a parliamentary sitting. You can visit chocolate museums. Defo visit the Grand Place, so beautiful at xmas with all the xmas lights. Could stand there for ages looking at the lights. Think it would look amazing at any time of the year. An absolute must is a visit to Brugge. Loved it there. You can get a horse and carraige tour around, takes about 30 mins. Its just stunning. Stop by the Lake if Love and make a wish! We also took a trip to Antwerp and visited the diamond factory, watched them make engagement rings etc The shopping is also very good, I remember that the sales had just started so we were lucky to get great bargins Plenty of places to eat and drink and there is a fab steakhouse around the corner from The Sheraton. We used the underground to get around and found it easy to use
jackrussell Posts: 213
[quote="ghostchild2":m7iolswf]It's been 12 years since I was there but wanted to say have a brilliant time. I do know I enjoyed it and had a great time :wv[/quote:m7iolswf] Thanks a mil, can't wait now :compress
jackrussell Posts: 213
Thanks guys for all the tips. Can't wait now! :). We are going for a weekend so just be two full days.(Sat & Sun). I hope we have enough time to see everything. Is the museums and attractions etc open on Sundays? Paperclip did you get the train to Bruges and Antwerp?