Anyone been to Madrid ?

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TwoTimes2006 Posts: 234
Girls I need your help. Were stopping off in Madrid for three days on the way back to Oz and Id really appreciate it if you could point me in the right direction for somewhere to stay and places to visit and good restaurants and pubs / niteclubs. Thanks :D
jamie Posts: 96
We stayed here a few years ago and thought it was deadly. Great location, all the usual conveniences, with the added bonus of a kitchette and a great price. Not particularly flash but definitely did the job for us. Have a blast in Madrid! If I could remember any of the numerous bars that we made fools of ourselves in I'd tell you, but I can't. One was some thing like La Lupe (The Wolf) that served a concontion of five shots in a single glass and another was very cool Cuban place with great music and fab mojitos.
bestest Posts: 41
I go to Madrid regularly. Brilliant city. Full of life and very reasonable to eat out in if you find the spots. I usually stay in the city centre some where around Sol. Last year 5 of us got an apt for €80 a night. Great location. Very historic if you re into that. Spanish people very sound and if you go after 6th Jan they have brilliant sales. They then have the "2nd" sale around the beginning of Feb where stuff is further reduced. A book I found brilliant was Madrid Top 10 ( ) and it gives you the top 10 pubs, restaurants, shops etc in each of the city s districts. For accommodation you can try and great day out shopping here (in Spanish but you ll get the idea) and this is good . Let me know if you need anything else.
shoegal Posts: 323
i stayed in one of the trypp hotels in madrid - very central! enjoy
TwoTimes2006 Posts: 234
Thanks for your help girls :D