Anyone been to New York??

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RoseDawson Posts: 1494
Hi girls, well hubby is turning the big 30 in January and I was thinking of booking flights to New York for us. Would any of you know of a hotel/place to stay that would not break the bank?? We and not too fussy just want a place to get the heads down at night. Also as hubby is is college we would be going on the mid term break in feb, would this make things more expensive do you think?
Lennyx Posts: 242
Hey littlechick, I've been twice, first time in January quite a number of years ago & then October 2 years ago. I love everything about it the sights, the shopping, the fast pace. First time we stayed in the wellington Hotel & we booked through a travel agent () it isvery central only a few blocks from Times Square and about 10 minute walk from 5th Avenue!! We stayed there about 6 years ago & it was quite dated then, I'm not sure if it's been done up since. I found it to be really drab & dark. But then again it's only somewhere you want to lay your head!!! Second time we stayed in The Marriott on Timesquare (). The hotel is gorgeous, modern, v. clean & the staff couldn't have been nicer. If I remember correctly it wasn't overly expensive in October. We stayed 3 nights Sunday to Wednesday, but would stay longer going again!! Hotel is right on times square with plenty around to do. Flights, I find with anywhere in America the later you leave it to book the more expensive it is too fly.
paperclips Posts: 3146
Hi Littlechick, there's been a good few threads on New York recently both in Off Topic & Old Faithful. It might be worth doing a search on those threads because you'll get loads of info on places to stay and things to do. If you book your flights with Aer Lingus when their winter sale is on, you should get a good deal. Keep an eye on their site over xmas.
StupidSexyFlanders Posts: 8402
I'd advise you to book flights and hotel together on ebookers or similar. We were pricing a trip to New York for March and it was much cheaper to book it all together on ebookers. We stayed in the Royalton before and got a great deal of €815 for 5 nights but that seems to have been a lucky once off. The Wellington gets good reviews, as does the New Yorker.
MrsWoggle Posts: 1793
Been twice and first time stayed in the Wellington. As the OP's said it wasn't the must glam or luxurious but it did the job and the location is quite central. Second time we stayed in the Belvedere and it was fab, we got a great price for it on expedia I think) and it was so clean and modern and the location was perfect.
Happymammy2010 Posts: 837
I was there 4 years ago in late November and I loved it! We stayed in the Edison hotel which is just off times square so very central. The hotel was nothing to write home about but it was clean and somewhere to sleep. I would also recommend to book your flights and hotel together as it seems to work out cheaper.
flor Posts: 1621
i stayed in the wellington (it was back in 2002) and found it fine. it was clean, warm, comfortable & central and also included a small breakfast in the price, so it suited me perfectly & based on that experience i would recommend it. i found it in my lonely planet so have a look in there & see what they say.
crazyinlove78 Posts: 933
We're booked into for our HM, anyone stayed looks nice and reviews on trip adviser are good, would love to hear from any Wollie who has stayed there... O:o)
gorge Posts: 50
oh im jealous already!! normally go every year except this year :o( we stayed in the edison and as already said it is nice, clean but very very handy! it is by far my favourite we have been there a good few times :) the little deli beside it is very handy too. stayed in novotel also in times square, little dearer but lovely. Also the beekman tower think its on first avenue, we got a great deal. lovely clean but a few mins walk from everything, its just beside United Nations Building! rooms are huge n a little kitchenette there. Also the intercontinental but i think that was dear i cant really remember.... :yelrotflmaosmilie:
RoseDawson Posts: 1494
Thank you all so much, I will be busy researching tonight :wv