Anyone been to Tunisia??

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oct06corkbride Posts: 138
Just wondering if anyone has been to Tunisia? Were tryna book a week away in April/May and Tunisia seems quite cheap. Whats the place like?
pinkypoo Posts: 118
Ive been there twice and I liked it both times. You'll find it's all hotels and at night they all have entertainment so you dont really go out as such. People think it's dangerous but I didnt see it. Apparently the punishment is so severe that there's hardly any crime. Id recommend it anyway. It can be very hot though but I think that was around September!!
curliwurli Posts: 3369
i was there a couple of years ago with my friend and we had a great time - the people are really lovely and it felt very safe even tho we were two girls on our own. altho we did find we attracted an enormous amount of attention from local men what with the pale skin and us being unchaperoned!! are you going with h2b? if so you won't have to worry about that as they will leave you alone. would recommend Port El Kantaoui - that is where we stayed and it's really relaxing and there is everything you need there and it's a short journey to the city of Sousse. edited to say make sure you visit Sidi bou Said - it is gorgeous!
bride. Posts: 3014
I hated it, found it very boring. We were staying in a '5*' hotel which I don't think would have rated 3 stars over here. We went on a boat trip one day just to do something and they told us it was a relaxing boat trip, it turned out to be a pirate ship with compulsory games at 9 in the morning. I nearly threw myself overboard. Then again if you want a relaxing holiday somewhere hot, it's for you! If you do any day trips, check what you're getting because they are expensive!
oct06corkbride Posts: 138
Thanks a mil. Yes I am going with my new hubbie, got married in October so not much money left, thats why were looking at cheap options.... :-8 There is a 4 star hotel in El Kantoai for about €350 each which sounds great compared to the canary islands / majorca.
pupsalove Posts: 1490
We went there last April and to be honest I wouldn't recommend it. I agree with Bride, what they call 4* would only be a 2* anywhere else and even thats a stretch! All the brochures kept banging on about Port El Khantoui and the marina etc, how you could walk and wander around and spend loads of time there. Had it done in 15 mins, you couldn't wander past any of the shops without them out trying to get you to come and buy something. Honestly by the end of the week if I heard them saying "you english, you Irish, conas ata tu?" I would have swung for them! The food is plain and only OK in the hotels. You can take trips out and the roman ruins there are amazing but a 3 hour trip there and another 3 hours back for 90 mins around the ruins was a bit much. And the lunch on the way - nuff said. Sorry hun I couldn't recommend it, spend your cash elsewhere.
mad woman Posts: 22106
no, never been.
MrsHappy* Posts: 2496
Friends of mine went, but wouldn't recommend it either.
WonderWol Posts: 2927
I was there and loved it, beaches are lovely, hotels are fab and the marina is gorgeous. Day trips are well worth doing if you like history and culture as it's a fascinating country BUT it's not Europe, it's not really like a "normal" holiday resort in Spain or Portugal so go with an open mind and be prepared for a different culture. Nightlife is quiet but it's a totally relaxing place and I;ve been twice now.
oct06corkbride Posts: 138
Hmmm...lots of mixed reviews there!! Were looking to go away for a relaxing week in the sun, lie by the pool during the day and go for a few drinks at night, not looking for lots of stuff to do for the week and not looking for mad night life.....starting to sound like an old married couple already and its only been 3 months!!! Maybe Majorca might be a safer bet I suppose....