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mrsbuster Posts: 36
I have spotted a beautiful dress in a wedding mag today. I called the bridal shop, and they tell me it retails @ €1450. I then googled the name of the dress, and there are lots of online shops willing to supply the dress for $250 - $300. I am very wary of buying on-line. Surely there must be a catch. Has anyone else come across this????
fuzzy123 Posts: 473
If the price seems too good to be true it probably is. My dress was €2000 here I bought it online from a shop in New York and it cost me €1400 including customs shippings etc. Look at the make of your dress then look at their website they will list their official stockists, I wouldn't buy your dress from anyone that is not listed as an official stockist.
NittyGritty Posts: 1605
I would imagine the very cheap prices are imitations made in China. Having said that, the real dress is probably made in China too! The catch could be the fabric quality and embellishments. I considered going down the imitation route for my dress, but read some feedback where things like the Swarovski crystals were in fact plastic and glued on as opposed to stitched. On the other hand, a friend of mine ordered one online from China and was very happy with it. She had an immediate family only civil ceremony and point blank refused to spend over a thousand euros on a dress. I have to say her dress was lovely. It was lace and while not the best quality lace in the world, it fitted her perfectly and looked identical to the designer version in every other way. The corset wasn't great though, but this particular girl didn't really need this assistance. Unlike my pudgy self :o0 I suppose it's a bit of a gamble, but read all the feedback for the seller and you'll get a good idea on the quality etc. Best of luck :wv ETA There are some of these Chinese companies that offer an upgrade on the fabric and embellishments used i.e. better quality, but still a LOT cheaper, so this might be an option also if you decide to go with it.
Cassiopeia Posts: 222
I bought my dress online, but is was from a reputable stockist in a sample sale. It was perfect and I'm delighted with it and with the saving I made.
honeymoon baby Posts: 270
i bought my bridesmaid dresses on line but i found it helpful to post the name of the website your thinking of ordering from on WOL and you wont be long finding out if there good or bad
Lucky Mrs Posts: 1167
The catch is its a fake, if you look at some of those american sites some have it in small print that it is a copy and not the genuine dress. How will you know what quality it is, if you liked a dress and tried it on it will never be the same if you buy a fake. I was nearly making that mistake but I decided today that I was going to pay the hefty price tag and make the saving after my wedding by reselling it. I was making huge savings from the designers stockists in the UK but the catch was I had to pay full price before I received my dress and there is no way I am doing that, deposit is fine but not the whole thing. Why not email a few suppliers and see what their price diff is or they might have samples to sell if you didn't mind that. I'm getting my dress for €200 cheaper than another boutique. This is a site I came across but I think they might only have 1 of each dress to sell off the peg but you never know you could get lucky. [url:1gao9awo][/url:1gao9awo]
starbar10 Posts: 991
[quote="Weddingbunny":wcghr7pd]I bought my dress online, but is was from a reputable stockist in a sample sale. It was perfect and I'm delighted with it and with the saving I made.[/quote:wcghr7pd] +1, I sourced an American Bridal shop they ordered it, it took 3 months to make and then the bridal shop shipped it to Ireland for me. My dress cost $500 (including shipping and I didn't get caught for customs) but it was about €1500 here alterations only cost 50 euro so I saved around €1,100 Similarily with my BM dresses another bridal shop stockist €290 each in Ireland total including customs and alterations €160 each. I had four bridesmaids so another €500ish saved :o)ll
Cowhands Posts: 564
Yep...I bought mine from I had tried the dress on in Kilkenny but was not prepared to pay over €1200 for it. I did alot of research, making sure jaysbridal was a reputable and certified stockist before I bought. Dress , shoes, hair pins, zippy bag and bra thing cost me €751 including postage and packaging. The dress is perfect and I am delighted with my bargain