Anyone bought from Tytots in Tyrone??

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besthousewife Posts: 102
Hi I am thinking of buying my pram from TYtots, they are the cheapest I have found for the Bugaboo?? £820.00 for everything. I am just wondering has anyone used them before?? Thanks :thnk
babybuttons Posts: 886
no but i was thinking of using them. i got that quote aswell. its brilliant and u get the isofix with it. pay with credit card though Just in case they go belly up which i doubt they will. what with baby boom going on down here everyone is buying up north.
besthousewife Posts: 102
Thanks for your reply Yes, I think I will go for them Did you get the isofix in that quote as well?? for approx the same price? Thanks
gemini chica Posts: 2581
Jane121, I have been researching this alot and the general prices are defo fixed by Bugaboo 695£ UK, 799€ Ireland 909€ Spain, but if you email them they are doing deals, Ladybugs answered me today and quoted 695£ for the Cameloen, Cabriofix car seat (just realised never clarified if it was the Maxi Cosi) & Adaptors (I have emailed back to double check but no answer yet). Pramworld quoted me by email 899£ for cameleon, footmuff, maxi cosi, adaptors & easyfix base. Tyrone Tots quoted me 695£ for the cameleon & maxi cosi car seat, I have replied and asked for a quote with more things included but no answer yet, so it definately seems worthwhile to email around, pretty sure they can't advertise these deals. Here in Spain the basics like cameleon, maxi cosi, adaptors, easyfix is 1160€ so a good bit more expensive.