anyone bought newborn clothes online?

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beeny Posts: 38
Hi can anyone recommend any store to buy newborn clothes online??? (not too pricey, good selection) just looking to get the essential few bits for the hosp and cant really cope with the whole babyshop thing at the a bit superstitious and feel awful when browsing as if im "counting my chickens". also im finding it difficult to get longsleeve neutral stuff for my winter bambino thanks
chefmaid Posts: 2426
Next just put up there autumn stuff so might be worth a look I can't waot to satrt getting some items ... D=01_02_06
queenarthur Posts: 9
Hi Beeny, I have bought some fabulous baby clothes on this Irish website. They have some lovely stuff (quite original) and all the friends that I have bought for have absolutely loved them. Thankfully now its almost my turn and I can start to buy stuff for me!!!!! O:o) The website is and its an Irish company. They also have a 50% sale on now. Might be worth a look. QA
mrsbrowneyedgirl28 Posts: 820
Mamas & Papas always have sales online- very good quality clothes Next wash well too