Anyone bought Rings in Ernest Jones

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Jojobean Posts: 185
Hi All Just wondering if anyone has bought their wedding rings in Ernest Jones? Had a look in the Belfast store over the weekend and prices were great but I actually found a ring that suits my E/R. Just curious if anyone has had any experience with the quality of their rings - am I wrong in thinking 18ct white gold is the same everywhere??? Thanks Jojo xx
mrswtobe Posts: 68
Hi, We got our engagement ring there. The quality is excellent. I got an 18 carat gold 2 ct. diamond ring and I love it. We got it valued by our friend who is a jeweller and he said that it was very high quality gold. HTH
MichelleBelle Posts: 202
We got my engagement ring and our 2 wedding rings from Ernest Jones in Newry. Can't fault them, no bother! Had to get the engagement ring replated before the wedding but I've been told this is the norm with white gold. You get it done free the first time.