Anyone buy a car on Donedeal/Carzone?

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Luka Posts: 1904
Hi Folks. Just wondering has anyone bought a car on Done deal or carzone & if so how you got on? I'm going to try to change my car in the near future, I have a 02 mazda 6 & can realistically only come up to 04 or 05 at the most (hoping a peugoet 407), as I can't (& don't want to) get a loan so this will be money put as side from seasonal work. Also want to switch to diesel & come down to 1.5/1.6 litre, Ie peugoet 407, which is the lower tax range from mine (currently 1.8 ltr). I would love to go through a dealer & save myself a lot of hassle, but with the amount I'll have to spend with my own car, I doubt I could get a dealer to take it on board, as they are more expensive & I can't afford it. So, Just looking for experience about buying privately as this money really needs to be well spent & even though my own car is in good condition I want to change before it gets any older. Thanks :wv
Burnham Posts: 153
I just bought a car there on Wednesday from someone on donedeal. We were in the same position as yourself money wise. We went around a few local garages but they had nothing to suit our budget or needs. So then we looked at donedeal and I found a car I liked the look of which was for sale quite close to us. We bought the car and are hoping for the best as there is no comeback/ warranty etc... Hopefully it's a goodie or we are up the creak! My advice is look for something that has just passed the nct so at least you know it should be road worthy.
Burnham Posts: 153
Just noticed my username is not right !!! What's going on???
Burnham Posts: 153
[quote="Burnham":17l9nndz]Just noticed my username is not right !!! What's going on???[/quote:17l9nndz]
wollysocks Posts: 1773
I think you can get a good deal but have to be careful. Friends and family have had mixed experiences-mostly good though. One thing I would say is that while it is good to get a car that has recently been nct-ed- I wouldn't rely a lot on that. The NCT tells you nothing about the engine of the car. A car can have plenty of problems that an NCT won't show up. A car we bought -newly NCT-ed had substantial body damage underneath- it seems from being driven on a beach a lot most probably! NCT didn't show this up. It cost a lot to repair. How many owners has the car had?- ideally only one or 2. You can check out its history on a small fee you need to pay for this. Get somebody who knows about cars to go with you to the viewing. Lift the bonnet- have a good look at the battery. Pull up the carpets etc in the boot, lift the spare wheel from the well. Wind up and down all the windows. Open and close each door. Check out the electrics. Take it for a test drive. Having a mechanic look at it of course would be money well-spent but there is a bit of expense to it.. Edited to add- ask the owner if it has had much work done on it-last time serviced- when timing belt( if it has one) was changed. Also if there are any little things wrong with it. We sold car on donedeal- there were a couple of small issues which we told buyers about upfront.
Leftbank Posts: 2395
I'm car shopping at the moment and I have seen a few I like on done deal and car zine, have a relation who is a mechanic so waiting on him to tell me when he is free so he can help.. I couldn't afford the prices the garages were charging and only getting 3 month warrantys.
Luka Posts: 1904
Thanks guys, Burnham - there was something really wrong with the site last night, I was logged in as 2 different users! I emailed admin here & the issue seems to have been resolved. My mechanic is actually a neighbour of mine, so I might get him to come with me to look at a car once I have found "the" one. Of course have to sell my own & can't imagine what it'll be like trying to tie the 2 in together. Thanks for the advice & will keep car hunting.
hollacia Posts: 422
Don't forget to run a check on the car online to ensure there's no outstanding finance on the car and it will ensure plates etc are correct.
RainbowNinja Posts: 4437
My neighbour got caught a few months ago on done deal, car was stolen and lost his money. Heard someone saying after he should have checked the chastity number?? (Think that's what they said anyway!) Didn't someone on here get caught last year too? Definitely bring a mechanic with you, they should know what to check and do a check online