Anyone buy dress in New York???

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fifi09 Posts: 414
Just wondering how it was getting it home?? Was there much hassle at the airport?? Did you get pulled at customs?? Was the dress ok? Sorry for all the questions, just have a trip booked for next year and thinking of buying dress over there, it's so much cheaper and trying to save money anyway I can at the minute *) *) *)
BarbaraG Posts: 177
I bought my dress in RK Bridal in NYC in November. You can just order the dress with them and they will have it shipped over. You will have to pay customs on this side but as RK are used to dealing with Irish Customers, they put in a fake receipt so the customs charge is minimal. I had to pay €100 customs which wasnt bad considering I saved well over €1,000 on my dress when compared to prices here. :wv
Maggiore Posts: 87
I just brought my dress back from New York last week and had no problems. I actually put it in a suitcase and checked it in as it was too big and heavy to bring onboard. I sailed through customs along with everyone else from the flight and had no problems at all. I would certainly recommend NY as a destination for wedding dress shopping - they have a great variety of options there and the prices are much cheaper.
Mrstobe10 Posts: 1793
i am just pricing my dress in NY at this stage, just wondering size wise how did ye get on? I would be a 12 on bottom but an 8 on top here...
Maggiore Posts: 87
I am a 10 here and got my dress in a bridal size 12 which fitted well. If ordering online you'd be better to check the exact measurements of the dresses, and get yourself measured to be sure its big enough. Also better to order to big and get it taken in. if you are going over, they will measure you anyway.