Anyone buy there RINGS online?

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candypants Posts: 8575
And can you suggest the site? Or is buying these online to risky? I cant seem to get a fecking chance for us both to go ring shopping >:o(
pinkpeonies Posts: 462
Yes we got H2B's from jeweller's website, we found the quality great and most competitive price for platinum wedding band
Kaycee Posts: 2107
i 2nd bluenile
candypants Posts: 8575
Have ye got the website? Also, how do you know your ring size?
pinkpeonies Posts: 462
yes H2B went into two different jewellers first on high street to get his ring size. Don't worry if it doesn't fit though they allow you to return it and they will resize for free.
finet Posts: 403
Have also heard good things about bluenile. Think they will post you out a ring sizer, or you can buy one for a few quid on ebay - v. nb to use one as we tried to measure our fingers with paper and got it very wrong! we got my engagement ring in NYC from Michael Haniken and although he doesn't have a proper e commerce site if you have an idea of what you want he will quote you by email or phone I think. we ordered our wedding rings from him afterwards by email. very reputable - has sold to literally 1000s of Irish people through word of mouth (think originally from Aer Lingus staff who spread the word) and my engagement ring was valued at 2.5 times the price we paid for insurance, so the prices are good tooo. good luck :)