Anyone buy veil online??

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corkcuu Posts: 606
Has anyone bought their veil online??? Hate the thoughts of going around to all the shops again. Know roughly what I want so do you think its safe enough to buy online? Was looking at and they have loads!
bridesrus Posts: 917
I have never bought a veil online but I have sold plenty of them online - pm me if you have any questions :D
Hi You can also get really good veils at an affordable price in I am based in the UK. Regards Hellen
JB Posts: 467
[quote:1iemcpxy]I dont see what harm buying a veil on line would be if you already know what you want. sure if you dont like it you can always send it back in exchange for a different one. [/quote:1iemcpxy]
karend Posts: 43
I would just be wary of what JB has just said as it depends on the shops terms and conditions. Technically, simply changing your mind about a purchase does not entitle you to your money back or a replacement product so just be aware of the agreement before you order!! All that aside, veils are something I think you can be fairly comfortable about buying online.!!
MrsNoc05 Posts: 1823
I bought mine from simple elbow length two tier veil in ivory for less than € 60 I had it in 6 days and the same one was costing me €125 in a shop here !
Cookie Monster Posts: 643
I got mine on [url:17t2m34f][/url:17t2m34f] and it was perfect. As it was a custom made one so I could not send it back if I changed my mind or didn't like it. They do send you swatches of all the shades they have free of charge which was a great help and they have a very good tutorial on all the different shapes and lengths to help you make up your mind. It was also less than €100 so compared to some of the prices in bridal shops out there it was a bargain. I'd definitely reccomend them.