Anyone deliver by forceps?

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luigi Posts: 867
So pleased to announce that DS has got a brand new baby cousin today. Im dying to get a look at him to coo over the cutie, but his poor mummy had a long birth (failed vacuum ending in forceps) so I want to give her a little space. Also she'll want to revel in her newborn without me stuck there! I didnt want to see anyone after the delivery except my own mum and H2B, but I was just wondering what the recovery time for forceps would be? Might go and see her next week but want to leave her alone if she's still sore. Anyone know whan you'd feel human again? x
jellybaby Posts: 2316
Luigi, my DD was eventually delivered by vacuum, but that was only after a failed forceps attempt, so I guess I qualify for knowing how a forceps delivery feels :o0. I couldn't sit down properly for nearly two weeks, but this was more to do with the stitches than the forceps soreness (although they go hand in hand, since your friend would have had an episiotomy too, with a forceps delivery). My DD is 9 weeks now, and while the stitches have healed at this stage, I'm still sore from the forceps (but not as bad). It's a bruised feeling more than anything, as the forceps would have hit off bones in the pelvis (if that makes sense). I think I was more emotionally scarred after the forceps than physically - I healed well physically but had nightmares for weeks about the delivery (forceps being poked around in me, with no pain relief other than gas and air :o(), and I still cringe at the thoughts of a pair of forceps!! I would say a week is plenty of time to give her, because if you wait til she's feeling 100% you could be waiting a long time :o0. In the first few days that I had visitors I was just conscious of trying to sit down in front of them, as it would have been obvious to anyone that I was in pain (sounds stupid to be embarrassed about that, as people would know what you've been through), but after 4 or 5 days I had no problem with visitors arriving - it was a bit of company for me too. Congrats on your new nephew, hope his mum is feeling better soon :thnk
luigi Posts: 867
ouch! I did hear about forceps bruising you. Can totally sympathise about the stitches. Easing yourself slowly out of the chair and walking like a geriatric! Did you ever talk to your doc about the nightmares? I have had to go to cognitive therapy and I can sleep through now most nights0 they rae pretty much gone. I will ring her next week to visit.
jellybaby Posts: 2316
Glad to hear things are getting better for you. I didn't talk to anyone about it....tbh I suppose I just assumed it was fairly normal, I mean forceps are pretty barbaric, to say the least. And aside from that I guess my delivery was straightforward, it seems silly to be having nightmares over something like that when I hear of traumatic experiences others like yourself have had. Glad you're enjoying your DS though, his pic on the other thread is just gorgeous :xxs
chilledout Posts: 834
I had a forceps delivery but I had an epidural so didn't feel much. I could feel the doctors pulling which wasn't nice but I can't imagine how painful it would be without the epidural. I had an episiotomy and thats whats giving me most pain, although I'm taking plenty of painkillers so I'm not feeling too bad at all. I did have a bit of pain in my pelvic bones for a few days, probably because of the forceps but it seems to have gone now. I've told everyone (except for immediate family) that I won't be ready for visitors til next week. I think you need at least a couple of weeks to recover. Maybe ask your sister (or sister in law) to call you when she's ready to see people.