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Senorita Posts: 3413
Hi, I know I shouldn't really be posting in P&B, sorry :-8 We are not TTC yet, as I'm diabetic, so it's not quite straightforward, but hope to do so in the next year. Just wondering if any of ye are diabetic (I'm type II). Have ye come off medication/changed medication? Thanks a mill :thnk
Sleep Monster Posts: 2829
Can't help, but just thought I'd bump this for you. And don't worry about posting in the "right" forum, we're all here for eachother. Best of luck.
Senorita Posts: 3413
Ah thanks a mill Sleep Monster :thnk I got a response in TTC from a fellow type II suffer (if that's even the correct term :-8 :o0 ). She's been very helpful, and has reassured me a lot. :thnk