Anyone do WW at home?

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puggle Posts: 848
Hi, did anyone sign up to Weightwatches at home rather than the WW where you go to classes/meetings and get weighted? I only want to lose about 5 or 6 lbs but not having much luck on my own so far.
pupsalove Posts: 1490
Yes!! Have lost 3lb so far I think! Am not very good at writing everything down though but at least it makes you conscious of what exactly you're eating. Thought I would be doing well eating fruit but even thats a point!! :eek The only thing I don't like is that the booklets, while very handy, is very UK based and doesnt' have much Irish products. You think at this stage they would have an Irish version of the book.
puggle Posts: 848
Thanks pupsalove, i think I'll give it ago. Can't wait to lose a few lbs!!
aylala Posts: 3673
I started this week doing it myself again, and I weigh myself every Thursday in the chemist at the electric scales, I did this before the wedding and it worked but since we've come back I'm bigger than before I started O:|
ms crooner Posts: 621
I was doing WW on line with the UK before and to be honest I found I wasn't true to myself. If I had a bad day (most days) I would not track my food. I joined last week with a class so hoping it will work for me. For me standing on a scales in front of someone will kick me into place I also joined the Gym last night, doing a set program of 1.5 hours 3 days a week so hope all this effort will show
honeypot Posts: 278
Hey Puggle, I've been doing WW at home for two months now and I hit my first target of a stone lost today which I'm absolutely delighted with. :o)ll Some days I don't track my points but 6 out of 7 days I do and H2B also tracks his for moral support!! I'm hoping to loose another half a stone and then I'd be happy just to tone up. I'd say the main changes for me personally were cutting out snacking at work and doing a bit more exercise. Hope it goes as well for you as it has for me. :wv
puggle Posts: 848
Well I started ww at home last Tuesday, I'm delighted to say that when I stood on the scales this morning I was down 4lbs!! Was good 6 days last week but Saturday was a disaster, luckily though I had some points saved to put against it. If I down a lbs or two next week I'll be happy.
Beck Posts: 432
I do it at home, did it 2 years ago and lost 2 stone, then decided this summer I need to lose the other 2 now, so started doing it again in July, and lost 10lbs in 6 weeks. Then I got really busy in work and stopped tracking and so have stopped losing. Really had enough over the weekend, so I'm back tracking from today, I'm just being too lazy and the h2b is a bad influence. We had words on Sunday and so we're both going to be good from now on, he has to help me. So motivation ahoy, I'm going to get down to a stone gone before Christmas! Bear in mind though, we did polish off half a tub of ben and jerrys cookie dough last night, and it was mmmmdelicious!