Anyone doing the 10mile run on Aug 15th in Phoenix Pk

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Doll Posts: 525
Hi guys, Just wanted to see if any of ye are doing this if so how is your training going.
hunnymonster Posts: 725
I'm doing a different race the same day (mine is in Connemara) but just wanted to wish you luck. How has your own training been? 10 miles is a tough distance, well into endurance territory but still with the need for a certain amount of speed. Best of luck with it. For people reading this and doing this event for the first time, please, please start at the appropriate place. Sooooo often inexperienced runners start too far forward ("to get a good start") but all this does is hold up the serious runners who get caught behind them. If you're aiming for a sub-60 10miler, it's very frustrating to spend the first 3 miles having to run around groups of slower runners.
reynmc Posts: 74
yes i am planning on doing it but have to say am finding training difficult and can;t get passed 5 miles, will probably end up walking alot of it.
hunnymonster Posts: 725
reynmc, race day adreneline will help a lot as will sheer determination. Have you been stuck at the 5 mile barrier for long? Looking at your pacing can often help move you forward. I'm very nervous about my own race.
Doll Posts: 525
I'm up to about 10k at the mo before I need a break. Thats about half way. I'm hoping after walking for a few mins that I'll be ablt to pick up the pace a bit. Also hoping that the adreneline will kick in. Have to say I'm looking forward to it. It will be a real personal challenge for me as I have never done entered any races before.
hunnymonster Posts: 725
Doll, your first race is very special. I hope you have a great day. Best of luck with it and treasure that medal when you get it!
Mrspiggytobe Posts: 281
Hi girls, My first race was the 5 mile a couple of weeks ago, was such a great feeling!! You are gonna love the buzz doll. I am doing the race Sat too. Did 9 Miles on Sunday and wasn't too bad so not too worried about it. (although apparently have been talking in my sleep about it!! :-8 ) Can't wait now!! Good luck everyone!
winter-bride09 Posts: 15
Myself and H2B are doing the race on Saturday in the Phoenix park. Can't wait! I haven't done many races before and only up to doing about 10km so far but I'm gonna space it out and take a walking break every 3 miles or something. Have to leave enough energy to run the last mile!! Good luck to anyone who's doing it! O-O
hunnymonster Posts: 725
I hope everyone got on well in the Frank Duffy.
Doll Posts: 525
Hi Hunnymonster, Well we did it anyway. The wind and rain was a bit harsh at times. We did it in just under 2 hours which I know is not fast but pleased as it was our first race.